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What is the Best Recovery Drink After Workout?

Have you heard the new "it" for those who workout? Have you wondered what is the best recovery drink after workout? PHENOM is the coconut water supercharged with GNC vitamins and minerals. As you know, when you work out, you sweat if you are putting in a good workout that is. I know that if I'm not breaking a sweat, I might as well realize I'm not giving it my all. What's the point if I'm not going to do it like I mean it, right? I'm a GNC fan and I have been for over 15 years. I love the products and trust the brand so when I look for something new, I truly do turn to GNC.

I've been in a health kick for a couple of years taking baby steps to get there. I'm not there but I'm working on it and that to me is success. I am riding currently and would like to eventually run. Running used to be the way to really kick it in for me and produce results. I live in the desert and know when I do start running that after tasting the PHENON, it will be a great runners recovery drink for myself. When you run or workout, you lose water and that is vital to your body. Replenishing those electrolytes and water is essential to keep from dehydrating and performing at optimal levels.

I received three complimentary samples of PHENOM and since I wanted to provide a thorough review, I chose PHENOM Energy (Acai Peach), PHENOM Hydro and PHENOM Mega (Pineapple Punch).


They arrive in these nice packs that you can drink straight from the container or pour in a glass if you prefer. Each type has a specific purpose it targets and the one I did not try was PHENOM Antiox. What makes this coconut water different from the rest? It also is boosted by GNC premium vitamins. This joint collaboration from PepsiCo and GNC created this healthy energy replenishment drink to help keep the body replenished.


  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No preservatives <- a big one for me
  • No added or refined sugars <- another big one for me
  • Low calories
  • Zero cholesterol

I do feel you have to have a taste for coconuts to like the drink as the extra ingredients or flavoring such as acai berry, peach and pineapple are not overpowering and you get a hint of the flavor and aroma. It's a predominately coconut flavoring as is expected hence the name. It was smooth and not chalky or thick. I did not have a major workout so I wasn't able to experience the recovery but I will repost an update after I commit to some major sweating.

Overall, it's a good change to aid the body in replenishment and I love the idea of it being natural without the refined sugars like many drinks have. Getting the bonus vitamins is always nice and coming from GNC, a brand I trust, I'm even more partial to it.

Have you tried PHENOM yet? If so, let me know what you think!

Check out the links above for more information on PHENOM.

*Disclaimer: I was provided three samples of PHENOM. The opinions are of my own.

Perricone MD Super Acai Berry Powder Sample Twitter Giveaway


I keep entering other blogger's giveaways and never win but I won some acai berry power from Perricone MD! 

Perricone MD Super Acai Berry Powder Sample Twitter Giveaway

First 50 people* everyday to tweet @Perriconemd for the next month will receive our Super Acai Berry powder FREE.

Contest Rules:

1. Follow Perricone MD on Twitter

2. Tweet and answer the question “why would you like a free sample?” with an @perriconemd in your tweet.

3. The first 50 tweeters each day to let you know you have won (Limit one (1) entry per day/per person/twitter address).

4. Each new day will start at 12:01 am eastern time (et) and end at 11:59 pm et.

5. The giveaway will last for 30 days. The contest will begin on September 1, 2009, at 12:01 am et. The last day of the contest will be September 30, 2009, ending at 11:59 pm et.

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