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Air-O-Swiss Advanced Air Treatment Systems Review & Giveaway 3/21 WINNER CLOSED


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I've noticed by comments and visiting other blogger's sites, there are a lot of bloggers that have children with chronic medical conditions just as I do.  Having clean air is essential to those with allergies and asthma which my youngest has in the most severe form.  A little over a year ago, she almost died due to an unknown pulminary issue that resulted in the wonderful doctor down in Savannah saving her life and getting us connected to another wonderful doctor in Augusta.  Subsequently, I try everything I can do ensure she doesn't crash and one area I've been in a deficit on is the air in our house.  I clean and remove the dust as best I can and frequently wash bedding in the hottest water temperature possible but there is more I can do such as cleaner air.

I found Air-O-Swiss online and found that they are a brand that I was impressed with due to the level of expertise they have available on their site.  An entire page is devoted to the Benefits of Humidification
  • Reduces discomfort, tiredness, sickness
  • Reduces to suspectibility to colds - This one is very important to me because colds are inducers to her asthma attacks.  My six year old doesn't fair well when she has colds coupled with her epilepsy.
  • Reduces chapped lips, dry eyes and dry, itchy skin
  • Helps babies sleep and feel better - My oldest is expecting a baby so this will be very helpful for him/her.
  • Helps to recover quicker from a cold
  • Reduces damage to wooden objects
  • Reduces levels of dust
There are other benefits and to learn more, just go here.

There are also interesting facts relative to clean air such as:
  • The air in a busy street is 20 times cleaner than the air in your office
  • The number of asthma sufferers rise dramatically as air pollution rises
You can read many more interesting facts about air here.

About Air-O-Swiss:

Air-O-Swiss products have been available in North America since 2001.  They have 50 plus years of experience and originated in Switzerland.  Since 2001, the Plaston International Corporation, a whole subsidiary of Plaston Holding AG, has been a leader in the high performance air humidification and purification market in North America.

Their strategic success can be attributed to their focus on a few core principles:

  • "A Close Customer Relationship - We understand our customers' needs as they relate to our technology and we act accordingly.
  • Quality - We fulfill even the highest of demands. Our goals are zero-defect products and continuing business excellence.
  • Innovation - We are geared to meet our customer needs. This concept encompasses the entire design and innovation process we employ.
  • Innovation along with Quality are the result of the understanding of our products as they relate to our customers' needs."
Air-O-Swiss have many products to choose from to help maintain healthy air.

Check out the selection at Air-O-Swift.
AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic

Humidification System

Now you can take AIR-O-SWISS quality with you wherever you go and enjoy healthy air anywhere! The Travel Ultrasonic AOS 7146 is compact enough to fit into your travel bag. Just add your own water bottle, plug the unit in and enjoy clean, moist air in your room. With the AOS 7146 you can ensure room humidity is just the way you like it. Efficient ultrasonic technology uses high-frequency vibrations to generate a micro-fine cool mist, which is blown into the room where it immediately evaporates.

Stay healthy and be more productive at work. Set the Travel Ultrasonic on your desk or in your office and enjoy clean, moist air throughout the day.

Thanks to the transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable plugs the Travel Ultrasonic can be used throughout North America and Europe. The adapter means you can use your personal unit on both sides of the Atlantic.
The Review:

The Travel Ultrasonic is perfect size for those that travel a lot or need it at the office.  It's extremely compact and portable, has a little carrying pouch and allows the use of any size water bottle to be inserted for use.  I found that I shouldn't fill the bottle all the way up as the air doesn't fill the bottle back up and it caused the bottle to collapse and not work.  I was amazed at how much was emitted given how small the Ultrasonic is but it's a little powerhouse.  When it's working, it lights up blue and when it runs out of water, it turns an amber glow. 

I had my regular size humidifier set up next to the Travel Ultrasonic and watched  in comparison with little difference.  The normal size one required less refills but that was expected.  The same amount of mist was emitted from both devices. 

It arrives with a brush to clean it, instructions, the pouch to carry it and two power adapters for use in any country.

I would recommend the Travel Ultrasonic if you travel a lot, require one in a small area for a few hours or don't need one frequently.

The Giveaway:

An Air-O-Swiss Travel Ultrasonic!

To Enter:

Visit Air-O-Swiss and leave a comment on what product you would like to try and follow my blog.  This is mandatory and if you do not visit Air-O-Swiss and follow my blog, your entry will be removed.

Extra Entries (two entries each unless otherwise noted):

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Giveaway ends 3/21 at midnight (EST).

Winner will be chosen via random.org

* Disclaimer:  The opinions based in this post are of my own.  I will receive the product listed by the sponsor company in exchange for my review of the product.

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