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Importance of Vitamin D in Children: Get Out in the Sun!

I have posted before about my two youngest, who have chronic medical condition, and it was nearly a year ago on Halloween that my then, one year old caught a cold trick-or-treating and ended up intubated and on her death bed two hours away in Savannah, Georgia. Her condition still baffles her doctors and her every day medications are troubling to me as I can't fathom how it can be good for her to be on a twice a day inhaled steroids and a once a day dose of Singulair.  The six year old is on Keppra for Benign Rolandic Epilepsy. 

Both incurred the onset of these conditions in June of 2008 within two week's of one another so I've learned a lot about both conditions and in pursuit of finding out how to stop my littlest one from crashing everytime she got a cold, we kept up with our routine doctor visits and followed all advice.  One of the important orders he prescribed was Vitamin D exposure.  He told me to take BOTH of them outside for 15 minutes a day.  He told me how Americans are in a deficit for Vitamin D and especially children which can lead to all sorts of health implications. 

He explained with all the scares behind skin cancer and the use of sunblock and our growing inactive lives, we stay indoors more which makes sense as I remember being brown all summer long from the hours of play outside.  Unfortunately due to the fear of bad people, I never let them play outside alone and I certainly don't have the time to do so which 15 minutes minimally is a great compromise.

I think this exposure to the sun has helped as we have had no trips to the ER or hospitalizations.  This has been a GREAT relief because in the past year, we had well over 10 visits to the ER or were hospitalized between the two.   Vitamin D is a great defense against colds and boosts the body to ward off things or harsher symptoms with the flu or H1N1.

PreHistin: World’s FIRST Pre-Histamine & Giveaway 10/31/09 CLOSED WINNER



The World’s FIRST Pre-Histamine: Helps Regulate the Over-Production of Symptom-Causing Histamines Before They are Released, and the Need to Rely on Anti-Histamines

Allergies develop as a result of hypersensitive reactions in humans to foreign substances (allergens) including airborne pollen from Mountain Cedar, Ragweed, flowers and grasses (associated with hay fever), pet and animal dander, and household molds and dust, which are introduced into the body through breathing or touch. Elevated levels of Immunoglobulin E (IgE) – a class of antibody – have been proven to be associated with the onset of allergy symptoms due to an increased or over-active release of histamine. Increased histamine levels in the body are responsible for creating the chemical reaction that triggers allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, nasal congestion and runny nose. Those with problematic allergies (individuals considered atopic) can have up to 10 times the normal level of IgE in their blood, creating an over-response to allergens. PreHistin, The World’s FIRST Pre-Histamine, contains a proprietary, patented formula and unique delivery system of cobalamin (a pharmaceutical grade analogue of B12) to help regulate and maintain a normal immune response to allergens. In controlled clinical studies on more than 2,500 allergy patients, by leading allergists and immunologists, PreHistin has been shown to effectively regulate IgE levels while significantly increasing serum cobalamin levels, both of which are essential for proper immune function and to help maintain a healthy (and normal) response to allergens.

Additionally, PreHistin works differently than products geared toward allergy symptom relief. It provides a safe, non-sedating alternative to powerful, symptom-relief anti-histamines that can often cause unwanted drowsiness and other uncomfortable effects.

How it is Different:

Currently, top-selling allergy-relief products are for the reduction of symptoms AFTER the allergy kicks in. These anti-histamines act to block the effects of histamine only after histamine has already been released and symptoms have set in (sneezing, itchy/runny eye and nose, congestion, etc.). Additionally, anti-histamines often result in uncomfortable and irritating side effects, such as drowsiness or sedation, headache, dry mouth, constipation, dizziness and disturbed sleep.

PreHistin is totally different! It regulates the release of histamines so your body doesn’t overreact to foreign substances. PreHistin was clinically shown to effectively maintain healthy IgE levels, which have been linked to allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, nasal congestion and runny nose.

When to Use:

For best results, begin taking PreHistin 30 days ahead of and then throughout the allergy season by dissolving a great tasting cherry flavored lozenge under the tongue twice per day, every day, and then swallowing. Individuals, ages 12 and up, can begin taking PreHistin at any time, but it takes several weeks to see optimal results since it works by rebalancing the immune system to maintain a normal response to allergens. PreHistin is effective for both indoor and outdoor allergies, and is safe for long-term use year-round. It has even been shown to keep working for weeks after you stop taking it. There are no known adverse side effects; it is non-drowsy, and completely safe: there are no upper dosage limits. PreHistin does not affect any medications you may be taking.

How it Works:

PreHistin works by regulating IgE antibody levels in your body, which helps normalize histamine release. By regulating and normalizing the histamine release, your body may not overreact to foreign substances. Preventing release of histamine regulates normal immune response to allergens, which can have a positive effect on the onset of annoying symptoms.

By normalizing the production and maintaining healthy levels of IgE, histamine is NOT released from mast cells, thus allergy symptoms are abated. It is over-production of IgE antibodies that cause the eventual eruption of allergies and the cascade of symptoms. It’s NOT the pollen; it’s the histamine!


PreHistin is made with a safe, natural formula that contains a proprietary, patented cyanocobalamin (a pharmaceutical grade analogue of B12).


Suggested retail price is $29.99 for a 30-day supply; available now for $19.95 as an introductory offer for a 30-day supply, with a free additional 1-month supply added as part of the offer. Three, six and 12 month multi-packs are also available. To order, visit http://www.prehistin.com/ or call 1-877-4POLLEN.


One reader will receive one package of PreHistin.

To Enter:

Leave a comment that you would like to try this product.

Extra Entries:
  • Follow my blog.
  • Go to the PreHistin website and leave a comment on one thing you learned.
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Giveaway ends 10/31/09 at midnight. Winner chosen by random.org.

*NOTE: I did not review this product and am only listing a giveaway.
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