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My Husband's New Army Deployment: One Year in Kuwait in 2010


My husband, who was just in Iraq and returned in August, was just informed he got the choice of his next location for our PCS.  For those of you not in the military, a PCS means Permanent Change of Station.

Now, you may think that the word choice means a lot but when you hear of the choices of the two locations, you will understand my not so happy thoughts:
  1. Iraq - 15 months
  2. Kuwait - 12 months
He will miss a very valuable year of our two year old's life since they grow and change so much and of course, he will miss out on our six year old as well.  They are both daddy's girls.

Unfortunately, I'm not alone as since 9/11, 1.9 million men and women have deployed and 876,000 of those are parents.  According to the Department of Defense, 245,000 have been deployed twice, 91,000 have been deployed three times and 48,000 have been deployed four or more times which the latter, is where my husband falls.  He has served in Afghanistan, Iraq (twice) and Kuwait (not to mention his other assignments in Germany, Korea, etc).

I'm proud of my husband, all the men and women who have served their countries and to all the spouses, children and loved one's left behind to keep up the fort.
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