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All I Want for Christmas Is My ... Bedroom Makeover

VisionBedding is having this great contest for a bedroom makeover which my youngest sorely needs!  Thanks to TwitterMoms, I'm entering this great contest for her.  This is her room:

It's not even 8 am so I can assure you that I didn't prep this room for the picture and I can certainly say I'm ashamed that this is a little two year old's room!  She's sleeping in another room with her big sissy since I haven't been able to finish this room.  After three years, the curtains are still up from when we bought the house and it's a broken down twin trundle bed.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Danielle.  She dreamed of a beautiful bedroom fitting for a princess. No matter what she did, she had the same old ugly bedroom.  So she had a heart to heart with Blue but he couldn't help her.

She wished upon a star but that didn't help:

So she gave up and grew sadder...

...and envisioned a room just of her own:


The really cool part of VisionBedding.com, is you have so many choice to choose from and so many products, any room you create will be fantastic and unique.

This great princess blanket is another favorite of mine:

Please VisionBedding, make my little two year scream in excitement when she sees a beautiful room based on her unique personality!  There are over 7 million designs and images to choose from. They also have a great ideas page if you need a little help with your design.

While her sister truly does wish for her two front teeth, Dani can be sleeping sound dreaming.

Thank you!

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