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Hiding the Washing and Dryers Behind Cabinet Doors

We recently purchased a house and unfortunately, the house is over a 100 years old and it didn't include a laundry room. This house is set up to contain the washing and dryers in the kitchen which is not the worse thing that could occur as I'm more than happy that I have room for it! However, I didn't really want to have it out in the open as I've been watching a lot of British and other Commonwealth home improvement shows and they display their's often in the kitchen in the open. I started researching ways to cleverly hide them and am now in the planning stage.  Here are some of the one's that I like:

I've never made cabinets so this will be a first for me and I've not had a lot of experience working with hinges and other types of fasteners so this is what I feel will be a fun challenge. I have looked and looked for premade cabinets for the purpose of this but unfortunately, they are not readily available. I suppose I could have them specially made but I decided to try my hand at them with some simple 2x4's, plywood and other building materials. I'm going to make mine go from floor to ceiling and I will add on a cabinet that will house laundry detergent and more. I have 10' ceilings so it should be an interesting project. We just finished placing beautiful Fasade Gloss White Glue-Up Ceiling Tile, Earth Tones Whiteford Brick Hardboard Wall Panels and vinyl wood tiles.  I'll post my cabinet once I complete it so stay tuned!

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