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Indoor Air Quality Important to Kids Suffering from Allergies

My two children suffer from allergies with one affected much more severe than the other.  As I've posted before, she's on daily medications for asthma and allergies and with the worries of H1N1, I'm doing everything I can to be proactive in protecting them. 

BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to try out ZYRTEC® PERFECT MEASURE™ and I love it!  Anything to make administering medications easier, safer and quicker is for me.  I know that I always have the right dose for the six year old and don't have to worry about carrying a bulky bottle and spoons around for those unexpected times allergies hit.

While Children’s ZYRTEC® PERFECT MEASURE™ can relieve the symptoms associated with these allergies, I also know there is more I can do to help:

  • I change my furnace and air conditioner filters often and have my air conditioner cleaned annually.
  • I used a dehumidifier to control mold by keeping my home dry.
  • We don't have pets but if you do, try to keep them out of bedrooms and off of furniture.
  • I also vacuum frequently and dust with a damp cloth to keep down dust.
  • Something that I have not done is to place cheese cloth over heating vents to catch dust particles during winter which is a great idea.
If you would like a $3.00 off coupon, please let me know as I have a couple left. 

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