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Kelly Confidential Perfect Party Planner Site & Enter to Win

Kelly Ripa's Confidential Perfect Party Planner is a great site dedicated to the many causes Kelly represents as well as a party planning feature to help you plan the ultimate killer party with the help of Electrolux and many guest celebrity chefs. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, it's the next holiday that Kelly and friends will provide helpful tips, hints and ideas for making a memorable party.  Each week, a new element will be added to the party plan and you get to choose from three options to add to your specific plan.  They will then pick the most popular choice and enter that into the Kelly Confidential community party plan

Every week you return and select your favorite theme to add to your party plan, you will be entered to win a luxury double wall oven from Perfect Turkey Button from Electrolux.  This week's guest celebrity chef is Colin Cowe.  I chose the Simple Elegance theme:

Simple Elegance

You don’t have to go all-out to set an elegant stage for your Thanksgiving celebration; a few special touches can really make a difference.

Try incorporating red into your color scheme to liven up the traditional autumnal browns and gold. Black Magic red roses alongside red votive candles are a … Read Morenice touch.

Instead of fresh flowers, lay white Manzanita branches down the center of your table to create a lush landscape. Then, add a few lovely pieces of crystal or glass and a bowl of silver almonds. Pair simple geometric white china with tumblers and starched white linen napkins.

For place card holders, simply cut the stems of white baby pumpkins with a knife, and insert a place card printed from your computer. The look is minimalist, but still has the feeling of Thanksgiving – it oozes luxury and elegance.

Don't miss out on the fun and enter Kelly Confidential Perfect Party Planner contest!

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