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Ratatouille Cooking Birthday Party Idea

http://www.zazzle.com/jbranamMy six year old loves to cook thanks to Ratatouille so what better birthday party idea than a cooking party! We started with customized party invitations that I made on Zazzle and bought the matching stamps.

The cake was ordered from a local cake baker who knows how to make terrific looking cakes.

For the party, I bought enough small rolling pins for each of the guests and had an assortment of pizza toppings (not all shown). I had two kitchen stations set up and bought pre-made frozen pizza dough from Publix.
When the girls arrived, they went to the first station which was to decorate their aprons with their names using self-adhesive foam letters all purchased from Oriental Trading Company along with the paper, tall, adjustable chef hats which the girls really liked. I bought the multi-color aprons in case any boys showed up. We put their spelled out names in baggies and set each one up at an apron upon their arrival. When they entered, there was a large Ratatouille posted hanging to make it look like a cafe.
The decorations were purchased at Birthday Direct.
They then took their place at one of the tables and made their pizza. While the pizza was cooking, they dipped pretzels in chocolate and laid them on wax paper to cool and they frosted their own cupcakes.
Each girl received a favor box of Ratatouille goodies and a box for their customized cupcake.
After we ate, we sang happy birthday, had cake, opened presents and busted open a pinata. It was a success!

Party supplies & pinatas for girl birthday parties

Value Kits for 16 starting at $21.99

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