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Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Review

LashBlast Fusion Mascara

LashBlast Fusion Mascara

I once had a friend who could make mascara look amazing and no matter how many coats I would use or brand, I could never achieve those results without it wearing off within an hour.  As part of my participation as a BzzAgent, I received a complimentary Covergril Lashblast Fusion tube of mascara.  

This was different from the perspective that the tube arrived with a lid and the applicator separate.  The tube is wide making it easier to hold on to it during application.  It's Covergirl's first ever volume + length mascara. The fiberstretch formula and oversized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer -looking and more dramatic versus bare lashes.

It is available in Very Black, Black, Black Brown and Brown.  Overall on the Covergirl page, the reviews from other customers is very positive.  I did like the mascara and it didn't clump. The applicator brush actually helps to pull (not harsh) the lashes to maximize the mascara while providing a longer, fuller appearance.

I had my niece model the difference between bare lashes and two applications of the Covergirl Lashblast Fusion.  It does last a long time and I would recommend it.

CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss Review

My oldest is always looking for that great new lip gloss or product that adds some shimmer without the greasy, filmy feel.  She's almost addicted to lip gloss as she is with chocolate.  So far, unlike chocolate, she's not found that magic product.  When Shine sent three CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Glosses for review as my next Beauty Guru assignment, I grabbed her and my husband to help test out the ShineBlasts.  Okay, I didn't make him try it on rather I did make him endure the face twisting, arm turning request of 'let me kiss you to see how much comes off.'


The difference with Covergirl ShineBlast is in the applicator (coming up next).  The twist off applicator prevents excess lip gloss as it's pulled out of the sleek container. It doesn't pull out smoothly and has a little resistence but this is not an issue for me as I would rather have just the right amount of gloss versus too much which not only wastes the product but leaves an unnatural appearance. 


The applicator is definitely slimmer on the end and was at the right angle for easy, precise application.  Covergirl states this "features a breakthrough ShineSculpt applicator expertly designed to hug the contours of your lips and its tapered tip is perfect for precise shaping."


Each of the three ShineBlast I received had a different fragrance and unfortunately, the one my daughter preferred has no name so I am unable to provide that shade.  The other two are Ignite and Ember.  I didn't notice any different smell but I liked the berry aroma each one had.


The gloss went on smooth and what we both liked was it did not leave a greasy, film to our lips.  Many lip glosses leave behind an unpleasant taste or a waxy film behind.  I thought the texture, taste and smell were perfect.  CoverGirl provides tips on getting the maximum results from the ShineBlast Lip Gloss:
  • For a daytime look: just apply the gloss to the top lip, then kiss the bottom lip for a wearable high shine.
  • For a super sexy, pouty look: dab an extra amount on the center of the bottom lip for a high shine focal point.
  • To make your gloss last longer: apply a thin layer of lip liner in the shade of your natural lip color, all over your lip.  This will help the gloss wear longer.
For me, this was different from applying other lip glosses as one application from the container would suffice for both the upper and lower lip.  With the CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss, you only need to apply on the upper lip unless you opt for the "super, sexy, pouty look."  Each application was enough for one lip, not both.  If the tips are followed, this isn't an issue.

The polymer and oil-rich formula delivers the high shine with luminescent droplets of pearlized pigment.

The high gloss coverage appearance doesn't last long but I could still feel it on my lips for about an 30 minutes.  It does come off with contact but in all fairness, the product is not marketed to resist rubbing off.

Two of the three shades had a rosy or red appearance and the third, Ember, was semi-clear.  There was a slight coloring with the unknown shade and Ignite.  The array of fun shades leave a subtle wash of coloring on your lips that givess you a more natural look but with knock out shine.

The 16 shade palette was co-designed with Celebrity make-up artist Pat McGrath to give you a blast of shimmer behind the shine.


My daughter recommends the CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss.  She thought the coverage was just right, it didn't leave a heavy feel and the amount of gloss was ideal for her complexion and tastes. 

I also recommend CoverGirl ShineBlast Lip Gloss due to the lightweight feel, fun vast array of shades, the taste and how my lips feel more moisturized.  I would like for the gloss appearance to last a little longer but overall, it's a good new product that is designed perfectly for the contours of my lips.  The small container makes it easy to conceal if you are going out on the town or just want to throw it in your purse or slip in a pocket. 


*Disclaimer:  I was provided three complimentary shades of CoverGirl ColorBlast Lip Gloss in exchange for my review and opinion.

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