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Taylor Swift Party Ideas: Buttons & More by Creative Clam on Etsy

I think this will be my final posting on Taylor Swift theme party ideas showcasing Etsy sellers.  I was only looking for Taylor items but upon looking into the site, Creative Clam, I discovered they had more such as:

  • Bags, Purses and Pillows
  • Celebrity Buttons
  • Celebrity Magnets
  • Celebrity Keychains
  • Music Collectibles
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Fruits and Flowers
  • Funny Collectibles
  • Medical Alerts
  • More Stuff

All of the items are reasonably priced and she has received 100% positive feedback!  Here are two my favorite Taylor designs both in a magnet and a button:

The medical alerts are a great idea and are available in buttons and keychains.  My children would be covered if there was one for epilepsy but Creative Clam takes custom orders so that's not a problem.

Next time you want a button, keychain or a magnet, check out Creative Clam and don't forget to look at all the products for sale!

About Creative Clam:

Creative Clam offers original paintings, pet sketches, ACEO Art Cards and a clever collection of buttons, keychains and fridge magnets, and beautiful handbags/purses made from recycled clothing for purchase from Virginia Beach artist Tracey Riedel.

*I did not review a product and I did not receive any financial compensation in exchange for this review.

Here is what I have put together for our own party still in the planning stage:

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