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Dannon Yogurt's Class Action Lawsuit

Alright, I'm disappointed now.  I've seen this bombardment of yogurt commercials with all their great healthy immune and digestive claims that I was starting to buy into it.  I even tried my first container of yogurt a couple of week's ago.  As I was reading my e-mail, I just read that a class action lawsuit against Dannon was won.

RemedyLife.com posts this:

Yogurt--Good Food But False Advertising

There's some evidence that "probiotic" bacteria in yogurt help rebalance the intestine's natural flora and can have an effect on immune function. But saying--or at least boldly implying on labels and in ads--that yogurt can help prevent constipation or keep you from getting sick is a big leap. Manufacturers have been getting away with such deceptive advertising--until now.

In settling a class-action suit, Dannon has agreed to change how it markets its Activia and DanActive products. For one, the word "immunity" will be dropped from packages. The company will reimburse customers (up to $35 million in total) who spent extra money, thinking they were getting health benefits that may not really exist. (These products cost more than regular yogurts.)

No question, yogurt is a healthy food--rich in calcium, protein, and potassium. Look for nonfat or low-fat yogurt with no added sugar--or buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit. The "Live & Active Cultures" seal guarantees measurable probiotic activity. Just don't expect a medical miracle.

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