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If Mama Ain't Planning 2010 Devotional/Organization Review


Format: e-book
Price: $9.99
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This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by:  Anitra Elmore for this review.

About the Author:

Anitra Elmore has two children and has been married for 15 years.  She has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, and has completed courses at Masters International School of Divinity.

Anitra combines her passions for writing, teaching and encouraging women, while blogging at If Mama Ain't... (because if mama ain't right, things can go terribly wrong) and The MamaZone (where you'll find great T.I.D.B.I.T.S to make your mama-life easier). She has participated in various capacities of ministry for the last 17 years and currently lives in North Carolina with her family.

The Review:

The If Mama Ain't Planning 2010 is truely a unique experience at least for me who is raising the bar of spiritual enrichment.  I have always considered myself a Christian but lacked the Biblical teachings to fully understand the Christian experience of learning and studying the Bible.  I have a friend who hammers me constantly about reading and studying the Bible every day and although I have good intentions, I always seem to fail.  That is the main reason I wanted to participate in this review. After reading If Mama Ain't Happy, I realized everything Anitra stated was true.  There is so much weight on being the mama of the house and whether we like it or not, our actions do reflect upon everyone in the house.  For myself, I am more than happy to serve this role.  After I read all about Anitra's take on If Mama Ain't Happy, I knew this was for me.

The eBook contains:
  • 12 monthly devotional articles
  • 12 month-at-a-glance calendars
  • A prayer focus for each month
  • A spiritual habit for each month
  • 3 key memory verses per month
  • Reflect, Project and Connect each month
  • Space for what you must do and might do
  • Space for daily meal planning
  • Space for weekly goals
  • Print all at once or one month at a time
  • Supplemental pages added to the website regularly (see Stay Updated tab
Every portion of the contents of the eBook is arranged in a great user friendly manner.  Each area is inspirational to encourage spiritual learning.  The idea of incorporating devotional time into getting organized is logical yet I never thought about connecting the two.

Devotional Reading:

Each month, there is a devotional reading.  This sets the stage for the theme to focus on to maximize your learning and organizational time.  The thought provoking questions also reinforces the need to study and ponder what you just read.  The area for notes and reflection is also nice as you will have the ability to not only capture your thoughts but it's a resource to refer to in the future.

Monthly Calendar:

The ability to see the months at a glance is another nice feature of this eBook.  The calendar's aspects encourages reflection of the prior month by jotting your honest thoughts.  Anitra also encourages the reader to consider what you want to see for that particular month.  Given that I'm a novice at devotion, I really appreciated the section suggestions on readings.  The beauty of the eBook it tries to help with suggestions versus mandates.  This allows for any level of spirituality to partake and learn.  The three memory versus are also excellent in increasing your knowledge of scripture.

The monthly prayer encourages the reader on what to focus on or by using the theme, it will help to guide the prayers. 

The area on walk  also promotes the reader in developing key spirtual habits or disciplines.

Weekly Calendar:

This area breaks it down even further in order to concentrate fully with key versus and goals, suggested reading and dailly reminders, must do and might do items to help with organization and even a menu section to record your daily food ideas or intake.

Supplement Pages:

The supplemental pages are equally nice to have.  The Task Tracker is something I can use for work, at home and for my blog.  I know I can definitely put the Weight Tracker to good use since I'm trying to get healthier.  There is a Full Year on One Page option and a Grocery List.  I like the set up of the grocery list which again, helps you to get and stay organized. 

eBook Instructions:

The instructions for printing is very easy to understand and they are flexible in allowing the reader to choose how they want to format their printed information.  The helpful hints are logical and appreciated such as ensuring you have enough ink in the printer to holding everything in a binder for easier organization of the eBook.

I really enjoyed using the eBook this past week.  I learned a lot, it encouraged me in furthering my devotional time as well as it did help to organize my busy life by writing out what I had to do and categorizing into what was a must do versus a might do.

I would encourage this great eBook for anyone interested in increasing their spiritual knowledge while organizing their lives.  It really does go hand in hand and Anitra does a fantastic job in making this path forward easy and practical.  I would love to see a kid's version!

10% of proceeds go to Friends of Mirembe in support of the African Children's Choir.

You can find Anitra's writings online at Blissfully Domestic, Gospel360 Online and Faith Writers.

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