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Must Have: Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit Review & Giveaway 04/01 CLOSED WINNER


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If you are pregnant or have a baby, you will want to read this review and participate in this amazing giveaway for Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit:

The Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit includes baby products essential to baby care basics.  Starting out with a 96 page baby care book filled with practical explanations to mom and dad's most frequently asked questions with more than 120 photos showing typical stages of baby development and minor baby health issues.  It even comes with a keepsake decorated box to store all your baby's memorable moments.  You can see actual pictures and a table of contents of the book here.

Even though I'm not a new mom, I see the value in this book with the actual pictures and I can imagine how a new mom would cling to Dr. Carey's baby care book.  The detailed pictures of such conditions like rashes is easier to try to pinpoint when you can see an actual picture of the rash.  The book is a goldmine of information for both new and experienced moms to read and cherish.

One of the items in the kit that drew me to the kit was the squirt bottle for homemade saline solution.  I have an asthmatic at home and keeping her nose cleared when she has a cold is essential.  In fact, any baby should have clear breathing during colds and this squirt bottle allows an alternative choice compared to store bought versions.

The kit comes with everything a new parent needs and it is even great for those with experience.  Every item in this great baby care kit is something you will use with a new baby.
  • Dr. Carey's™ Baby Blanket - the book even shows you how to properly swaddle your baby with great illustrations.
  • A+D Ointment which most moms know how great this is on babies.
  • Hawaii Medical’s GumDrop™ Pacifier - this pacifer is used in hundreds of hospitals.  The low profile fits a newborn's face better and is lightweight.
  • Squirt Bottle for Homemade Saline Solution - As nature’s best decongestant, nasal saline is easy to make and simple to use with Dr. Carey’s clear directions. This is a must have for stopped up noses!
  • Digital Thermometer - Dr. Carey explains more about fevers in the book.  This will be handy as most parents panic when it comes to fevers but Dr. Carey's advice and information will help to ensure you are doing the right thing at the right time.

  • Nose Suction Bulb - every house with babies and young children need these!  Not the most pleasant thing to do but a clean, clear nose helps children get healthier.

Dr. Carey is a board certified pediatrician with years of experience.  Dr. Carey has published many books and is a guest speaker for numerous expecting parent classes.

Dr. Carey has a practice out of California.

If you have any questions, there is an area on the website to ask: http://www.doctorcarey.org/ask-dr-carey/

Check out Dr. Carey's website, follow him on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Don't forget to enter the correct way to swaddle a baby for a chance to win a Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit!

I would recommend Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit to any mom and especially a new mom!  It is full of great information, tips, advice and much more to include an array of products needed for the little one's arrival. 

The Giveaway:

Your own Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit (Valued at $49.95)!

To Enter:

Follow my blog and visit Dr. Carey's site to tell me something you learned.

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Giveaway ends April 1 at midnight.  Winner will be chosen by random.org.

US only please.

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