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Dressing Your Little Princess at AdorableBabyClothing

The world is abuzz with William and Catherine's wedding and although some thought it was a tad bit over the top to spend so much money and coverage, I think some might be missing the point.  If you aren't into the idea of a monarchy, you will definitely agree it was over the top.  I'm half English so maybe I'm a bit intrigued or interested in it due to that or maybe because I love England and can't wait to go back.  Either way, this was a big deal for England as William will be king one day.  It doesn't happen often and it seems from all media accounts that William is a wonderful person with his charitable work, his military service and how he can easily talk to what they call the "commoners."  Once the Queen passes, Charles is next in line but since he's already fairly old and they suspect the Queen will live another 10 to 15 years, Charles won't have long in the throne if at all.  This leaves William who will rule England one day.

My three year old insisted on dressing up for the occasion and she even has her tiny little hat on:

So with all that I enjoyed of the ceremony, I was on FB sending comments back and forth with Cynthia, the momprenuer of AdorableBabyClothing.com.  She is what the English would call a lovely lady and much more.  Not only is she a friend of mine thanks to social media, she has this incredible online store full of amazing clothing for children.  I'm a regular buyer for our special occasions and holidays.  I can't help but to dress up my girls as I only have so much time before they make me stop.  She also carries every day clothing, toys and more and specializes in special occasion clothing especially for weddings.

In honor of the Royal wedding, here are some ideas if your little one is a princess too:

Pink Embroidered Tulle Dress White Embroidered Tulle Dress

Garden Princess White Pique Dress w/Turquoise Sash Garden Princess Orchid Pink Pique Dress w/White Sash

Double Hearts Rhinestone Tiara Regal Princess Rhinestone Tiara

Split Toe Silver Sandal  Corduroy Fancy Pants

Pink Princess Gown Pink Princess Gown

Girl's Fairy Tale Princess Blonde Wig  Girl's Fairy Tale Princess Brown Wig

To find all of these and many more, just search for "princess" on her site at www.adorablebabyclothing.com and you will see pages of items to make your little one be the princess she is!

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