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Free Digital Photo Book ... Really! FREE!

FREE Digital Scrapbook Photo Book

Making your own digital scrapbook photo book via Trendy Prints really is fast, easy and fun!  Once you install the Photo Book software, which takes no time at all, you can begin creating an incredibly looking, premade photo pages with the great look of handmade scrapbooks.

There are 13 themes to choose from with multiple choices within each theme:
  1. Everyday 
  2. Basics
  3. Collections
  4. Holidays
  5. Baby
  6. Kids
  7. Birthday
  8. Wedding
  9. Love
  10. Travel
  11. Sports
  12. School
  13. Pets
What makes Trendy Prints unique is the host of products you have available.  It's a one stop shopping for gifts or just every day use and memory collections.
  1. Landscape Photo Books
  2. Square Photo Books
  3. Portrait Photo Books
  4. Personal Soft Cover Photo Books
  5. Square Mini Books
  6. Portrait Lay-Flat Premium Leather
  7. Square Lay-Flat Premium Leather
  8. Portrait Lay-Flat Printed Cover
  9. Square Lay-Flat Printed Cover
  10. Monthly Calendars
  11. Photo Cards
  12. Posters
  13. Key Tags
  14. Luggage Tags
  15. Mousepads
  16. Mugs
  17. Coasters
  18. Puzzles
  19. T-shirts
  20. Mural Tiles
  21. Annual Calendars
The choices for covers are plentiful from hard cover, soft cover, leather, suede, linen and more!

Making each product is so easy! 
  1. Once you select your theme and subtheme, you click on the product you want to make and click Add Photos To Begin.
  2. You can load photos (fast) from your computer, an online library or by phanfare.Once you load the photo(s), click on Create Product and there are instant Quick Tips to help assist in the proper placement and appearance.
  3. Choose the photos you want to use.
  4. Click on Instant Layout or Manual Design.
This is just a small sample of the key tag choices:

Another nice feature is you can create and purchase theme products with great ease.  Your photos stay present on the workplace and you only click on the next product to make it.

You can save all your projects to edit or to purchase more at a later date.  This is one of the easiest programs I have worked with and I love the automatic layout as well as the ability to manually make what I want.

I just received my customized, finished book and I love it.  It's scrapbook quality with great backgrounds.  The quality of the pictures are much better than what I was receiving at Kodak via their photo books.    These are going to make great Christmas presents.  The best part about TrendyPrints is they are less expensive then others, the quality is amazing and they offer so much variety.  These aren't just photo books but are high quality photos with great scrapbook quality scenes.

To get your FREE 20 page soft cover book, click on the link at www.TrendyPrints.com, then click on the FREE photo book banner for your FREE book.

TrendyPrints also has invitations (see my other blog entry here) and another site called MagneticMessenger that includes announcements and invitations that stick to the fridge (see my other blog entry here).

MagneticMessenger.com Invitations and More Review

I received these very cute samples of invitations and thank you cards from MagneticMessenger.com today.   I received three but these two were my favorites as I liked the simple picture of the doggie with the personalized photo option.  I also like the matching thank you cards to touch up a nice theme.

The cards are a nice card stock that aren't too heavy and have a slight gloss feel and appearance.  You can choose many types to include magnetic invitations that have a small strip on the back that doesn't weigh it down and it's the perfect reminder for the party to be.  What grandparent or loved one wouldn't want a darling picture of their little one on the refrigerator?

The great feature of MagneticMessenger.com is they have products that cover any event from bridal showers to save the date to birth to christening to birthday to holiday cards with much more!

All products are customizable and are digitally printed.

The Save the Date magnets are full postcard size and come with envelopes for mailing.  There is a beautiful, elegant variety to choose from.

They have a wide assortment of birth announcements with magnets on the back and envelopes to mail.

The prices are extremely reasonable and come in a full 3.75" x 5.75" postcard size.

You receive your proof back in about 24-48 hours which is important since sending out your announcement is vital to any new mom!

Added Bonus:  A portion of proceeds benefit a Woman's Place Ministries whose mission is to protect and PRESERVE the sanctity of all life.

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