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eShakti and You Can Win Big & Get Bonus Entries to $50 Gift Card Giveaway 3/31 CLOSED



I have posted before about eShakti and really love the concept behind purchasing clothes are taylored made to your specific needs.  All too often, clothes have to be bought in different sizes to compensate for another body part.  I know I have to buy larger clothes to fit my top half and then I end up swimming in the arms or so forth.  I always have to hem dresses as I'm short and dresses just aren't made for us shorties!  Both myself and my daughter have tried eShakti and we both are very happy with the end products.  Click here to see the review or here to see the spring jacket post.

eShakti is having a contest to define:
Who is the eShakti Woman?
It's easy to enter and it's a thought provoking question since it's either about you or an image you conjur up after thinking about eShakti and the array of clothing choices.

How do you see the eShakti woman?  Is she under 30 or over?  What does she do for a living?  What would you say about her lifestyle?  Children?  Employment?  Career?  You decide as no answer is wrong and just for giving it a shot, you will receive a $10 gift certificate!

To Enter:

Click here and complete the questions but you have to remember to enter in the Blogger's Name:  Health, Beauty and Family and the URL is:  http://youthfultips.blogspot.com.

Question 1:

In 25 words or less, who is the eShakti woman?

Question 2:

Pick any three products from eShakti that represents eShakti the best.  You will need the product ID so it's best to have a piece of paper or two windows opened when you complete this entry.  After choosing your three products, in 30 words or less, explain why these three products represent eShakti the best.

*See small print below to explain more about the giveaway and FAQs.

Contest ends March 31, 2010 at midnight (Pacific)

Leave a comment on this post that you entered and make sure you entered my blogger name and URL as these will be verified. 

As a bonus, if you enter this giveaway, you get an extra five entries in my Reader Loyalty $50 Gift Card Giveaway AND IF MY BLOG WINS, ONE LUCKY ENTRANT WILL WIN $100.
  • One person from all the entries (across all blogs participating) will receive $250!
  • 25 will receive $50 gift certificates.
  • Everyone will receive a $10 gift certificate
No purchase is necessary to enter!

eShakti.com Pvt Ltd


1. What is the Product ID and where do I find it.

When you click on a product on eShakti and go to the page with product details, the product ID will be the second line right below the title of the product next to the large image of the product. For instance:  Twist Front Cotton Satin Blouse  ProductID: CL0018553

2. I am new to to eShakti, how do I describe the eShakti woman?   As someone who has browsed eShakti or have bought from the store, describe who you think would like the kind of clothes & accessories shown at the store.

  1. There are no purchase requirements to enter the contest
  2. Any resident of the USA can enter the contest, except anyone connected with eShakti as an employee, consultant or associate.
  3. The participation gift certificate available to all entrants will be given only once to each entrant, though you may send in more than one entry, if you like. But all entries of a given entrant must have one common email id. Furthermore, no entrant can get more than one of the higher prizes. 
  4. The winnings will be in the form of Gift Certificates that can be redeemed on eShakti. The Gift Certificate will have a validity of 6 months.
  5. The judging of the contest will be done by a panel of judges from within eShakti and their decision will be final and not subject to review.
  6. Results will be announced on the eShakti website by mid April 2010.

Good luck!

Youthful Tips
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