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$25 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway 6/11 - WINNER CLOSED


Kristyn said...

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This is a somewhat easy giveaway as I won a $25 gift card online and am going to pass it on to help my eight year old win a Pepsi Refresh Grant for $25,000 for her non-profit Angels4Epilepsy.  Jamie was diagnosed with epilepsy two year's ago and has had some struggles along the way.  One thing she learned was to give back to others and this took the form of starting an organization that gives back to children.  Sometimes she gives to children with other ailments or to families staying at the Ronald McDonald House but mostly, she provides gift bags to children hospitalized with epilepsy.  Since starting officially in 2010, she has provided over 300 gift bags to children in Georgia and Florida and soon to Indiana.



The grant will be used to purchase bears, gift cards for families in need to purchase their children bicycle helmets and medical alert USB bracelets as well as awareness posters about how strobe lights on motorcycles affect some with epilepsy.

Your vote can help her win this great grant to help other children.  Voting is daily and can be done online and via text.

To Enter the giveaway:

Vote by either creating an account on the Pepsi site or login with your Facebook account and you can text daily.

Text 106872 to Pepsi 73774

  • Leave a comment that you voted online for one entry - can be done daily.
  • Leave a comment that you voted via text for one entry - can be done daily
* NOTE - online voting entries are those that actually vote via online and will be validated

Extra Entries:

  • Follow my blog for two entries
  • Tweet about this giveaway for two entries and leave the url to the tweet
  • Blog about this giveaway for five entries and leave a link to the post.

Giveaway ends 6/11 at midnight (mountain standard time) - winner will be chosen via random.org.


Tassimo Supremo Hot Beverage System Review

This is a coffee drinking house and with as many children as we have, a hot chocolate one as well.  My oldest loves Starbucks for their hot chocolate and is slowly drifting over to the adult world of cappuccinos.  My husband is a plain coffee drinker with a sometimes craving for cappuccino and espresso so when I was given the opportunity by Tassimo for a complimentaryTassimo Supremo Hot Beverage System with T DISKS, I eagerly agreed!  This is an all around wonderful addition to our tastes.  Not only can my husband start his Army days off nice and warm with a delicious cup of coffee but the girls and I get to indulge in some amazing tasting Milka hot chocolate.

Once I opened the nicely packed box, I read the instructions which you have to do to understand how to assemble it.  It wasn't difficult by any means but my excitement was that of a little girl and I wanted it NOW!  I followed the cleaning direction and assembled everything.  I then looked through the wonderful array of products we were able to try:
  • Starbucks Caffe Verona is superior to regular coffee making systems at home.  It has a rich, full bodied taste and not bitter.  It is a dark blend but is very delicious.
  • Gevalia Cappuccino - the creamy layer of froth is a nice top off to this two disk package.  It has a nice bold, rich flavor.  This is a definite great replication to coffee house quality cappuccinos.
  • Gevalia Signature Blend is another great tasting, high quality blend that has a rich, full bodied taste and is very smooth.
  • Milka Hot Chocolate is my favorite!  It is rich, creamy and tastes better than any store bought version.  I also cheat and shoot in a shot of whipped cream just like Starbucks does.  It is an amazing cup of smooth, rich tasting chocolate and is so quick to make.
  • Twining's Chai Tea Latte is sweet and creamy as well as delicious and smooth.  I did not try this one but my husband did and provided the above comments.
The beauty of Tassimo Hot Beverage Systems are in the T DISCS.  They have their own barcode which tells the Tassimo System how to precisely made the hot beverage you want.  You have the convenience of size as you made a single serving thus not wasting any and the convenience of a quick throw away T DISCS without the filters.  One of the best advantages if you can create a primo cup of a magnificent tasting beverage to meet anyone's request.  You are not limited to one type of a beverage. What a great treat that makes if you have guests!  It's so simple to make a delicious beverage.   Just slip in the T DISC, press the button and it's ready in 60 seconds.
It's such a quick way to make you look like you slaved over this gourmet drink when in reality, all you have to do is slip the disk in and push a button!  Some beverages have two disks but that's not a big deal once you realize how delicious they all are. 

Another plus of the system is the adjustable cup platform.  Pretty much all sizes of cups will fit whether you adjust the height up or remove the base to allow for a travel mug or other tall mug.  It's so versatile and only takes up a small space on the counter.  All parts are dishwasher safe which only makes it even more appealing.

The only con is the fact that they can become costly if you overindulge in some of the brands but the taste outweighs the cost. 

Tassimo is Kraft Foods' proprietary home brewing system that lets consumers make delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso and lattes, one cup at a time.

Tassimo even has a subscription service with free enrollment gifts:

If you already own a Tassimo Hot Beverage System, you can join and receive two free packages of T DISCS, two Tassimo mugs AND free shipping.

If you purchase a Tassimo Hot Beverage System for $169.99 (including shipping and handling), you get four free packages of T DISCS and free shipping.

Other benefits for subscribing include Tassimo Tasting Tours where you get free samples, exclusive access to European blends and free shipping on all orders over $30.

It also has a two year warranty.

Need a great tasting recipe?  Tassimo even has recipes HERE.

Candy Bar Hot Chocolate

Prep Time 5 minutes

  • 1 TASSIMO SUCHARD Hot Chocolate T DISC
  • JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows
  • 1 tablespoon of your favorite candy bar chopped

Prepare one TASSIMO SUCHARD Hot Chocolate in a mug or heatproof glass. Top with JET-PUFFED Miniature Marshmallows and a tablespoonful of your favorite finely chopped candy bar for a rich treat you and your kids will love. Makes one serving.

If you are worried about the throw away convenience, Tassimo has even teamed up with  Terracycle to help with the recycling efforts.  Read more HERE.

You can purchase Tassimo through Tassimo's site or through Amazon by clicking here Tassimo.

For more information, visit TassimoDirect.com.

I would highly recommend the Tassimo Hot Beverage System.  Both my husband, children and I love it and have no complaints.

Disclaimer:  Tassimo provided the complimentary Tassimo Hot Beverage System with noted packages of drinks in this post in exchange for my honest opinion of the Tassimo Hot Beverage System and drinks.  I was not financially compensated for this post and I read the conditions set forward by Tassimo in relation to complying with the FTC guidelines for disclosure.

Youthful Tips

$10 Starbucks Gift Card 11/30/09: CLOSED Winner


An e-mail has been sent and thanks to everyone for entering!

starbucks Pictures, Images and Photos

Love Starbucks Coffee?  Hot Chocolate? 

star Pictures, Images and Photos

Did you know if you register your reloadable card at Starbucks you will be eligible for a free drink on your birthday? It's easy, just click here if you win!

As a telecommuting mom, I don't have the office trips or drive by a Starbucks but I received this giftcard by participating in a TwitterMoms project and wanted to regift it to someone who truly loves Starbucks.

To win, all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment that you follow (or if you already follow, state that). 

Want EXTRA chances to win any of my giveaways?
  • Vote for me at DivineCaroline (widget top left) and get FIVE extra entries! Just vote, return back to the each giveaway and leave five entries with what number of voter you were. Easy!

    Youthful Tips

Want even more entries?
  • Enter each of my open giveaways, come back to each giveaway and leave five entries. Closed giveaways don't count, sorry!
  • Refer a friend to follow, leave five comments with that person's Blogger name.
  • Follow me on Twitter, leave five comments.
  • Tweet this giveaway per day, leave two comments.
  • Blog this giveaway, leave two comments.

Giveaway ends 11/30 at midnight.

Winner will be selected by random.org.

Thank you for entering and good luck!

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