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GiftZip.com & Win a Wii Giveaway Extended to 8/9!

GiftZip.com extended the giveaway until Monday, August 9th!

GiftZip will be giving out a Nintendo Wii to one lucky winner & a $50 gift card to the blog or website that refers the winner we select!  

Submission deadline is August 9, 2010!


1. Must be a legal U.S. Resident
2. Up to 5 entries will be accepted per person
3. Entrants must follow the Submission Process, #4 of the submission process is required
4. There is no cost for submitting an entry

Submission Process

One entry will be awarded for each of the following:

  1. "Like" GiftZip's Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/giftzip
  2. Follow GiftZip on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GiftZip
  3. Retweet the Giveaway. 
  4. *Comment on the GiftZip Facebook Page, letting us know you're entering the Wii Giveaway and telling them you heard about the giveaway from http://youthfultips.blogspot.com (this is required in order for them to know that you intend to enter): http://www.facebook.com/giftzip
  5. Go to http://www.giftzip.com, locate the shout box & drop them a line.  Click on the "contact us" at the bottom and then click on the "shout."
*Item 4 above is required

Claiming Your Prize 

GiftZip.com will announce the winner on Facebook + Twitter, as well as direct message the winner on both platforms to get shipping information.

Good luck!

Contest presented by GiftZip.com.

Jenny McCarthy Your Shape for Wii Giveaway 3/10

Every year, most of us decide the new year is going to be a better year.  Whether the reasons are for health, wellness or other reasons, it's good to have goals to reach for. 

My top five resolutions are:
  1. Eat healthier - I want to choose better foods, more organic type products and less processed foods.  Reading books such as Prime Time Health by Dr. Sears has been inspirational in getting healthier and eating right.
  2. Quality time - I want to realize what is important and what isn't.  Not sweating the small stuff is definitely a path I want to focus on.  Spending more time with my kids and my husband is going to be a priority and will compliment a healthy mind. 
  3. Lose weight - yeah, right ... who doesn't, right?  Seriously, I started this endeavor last year but have slowly moved a mind set to realize this want.  I have finally learned that I can't do this cold turkey so I have devised a plan to lose it healthier and slower.  Losing weight is right up there with getting healthier for 2010.
  4. Exercise - you can't be healthy without exercising.  Exercising is instrumental in every facet of our lives and when you don't exercise, you put your body and health in jeopardy.  My goal is to utilize my bike and my Wii system.  I love working out with my Wii and it's a great way to get your kids to get involved as well.  Read more below.
  5. Volunteer - giving back is a key to happiness in my opinion.  Giving a smile, a chance of hope or time to someone in need is priceless.  I want to continue the giving and volunteer time to instill a sense of duty to my children.  Our goal this year is not only to support deployed troops (my husband is deploying for Kuwait in May for a year) but also to give to pediatric patients in our local children's hospital.  Having two children with fairly new chronic medical conditions and being placed in hospitals numerous times, I sympathize with the patient and the family.  My goal is take unused happy meal toys and supplement it with other toys and treats to give to those tiny little brave ones.

Our Wii system was one of the better investments I could have made.  Not only is it allowing myself and my oldest to work out together but it also encourages my little one's to play.

This new game, Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy is a must have mostly due to Jenny as she is really a funny person. Your Shape builds in a workout program based on YOUR fitness level, goals and schedule.  You can watch a video HERE with Jenny about the game. 

PhotobucketHere are some of the features:
  • Personalized to You - Your unique plan is based on the results of your fitness test, combined with your personal fitness goals. This plan will mix the right level of intensity with exercises focused on achieving your goal.
  • You’ll Always Do the Exercises Correctly - The camera projects your image onto the TV screen so you can see yourself exercising next to Jenny.
  • Exercise Controller-Free - The camera sees you, so it works without requiring any additional hardware (such as Wiimotes, nunchucks, and balance boards), leaving your hands free to focus on the exercises.
  • Exercise That’s Fun and Motivational - not only is Jenny your in-game workout buddy, but you can choose from 6 background colors, 100 motivating animations, and more than 75 music tracks.
  • More Exercises Than Any Other Game - Your Shape includes close to 500 exercises – which means that your routine is always focused on meeting your goals.
The Giveaway:

Jenny McCarthy's Your Shape for the Wii System.

To Win:

Follow my blog and that's it!
Bonus Entries:
  • Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment (2 entries each)
  • Follow me on Twitter (2 entries each)
  • Enter any of my other giveaways (5 entries each)
  • Blog about this giveaway (2 entries)
  • Tweet about this giveaway (2 entries) - can be done daily
Giveaway ends March 10 at midnight (EST) - winner will be chosen by random.org


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