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TOS Crew Review: Go Science Review


I'm still relatively new at homeschooling and have struggled with trying to find the right resources that will not only teach but captivate my children in wanting to learn more.  My middle one is very interested in science and math which is why I strive to find that instructional that will supplement, engage and entertain while encouraging them to learn more.  Library & Educational Services (L.E.S.) is a small, family oriented distributor for resellers, schools, churches, missionaries, licensed daycare centers and libraries.  They also have been in business around 35 years which tells me they know their business.  What is also nice, they provide their wholesale discount to homeschools.  

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I was provided an opportunity to review Go Science Volume 3 Magnetism Engineering and Electricity Design along with Go Science Volume 6 Water Space Solar System.

Go Science Volume 3 Magnetism Engineering and Electricity Design

Go Science Volume 3 Magnetism Engineering and Electricity Design provided an interest mostly due to magnetic power the girls have expressed.  Ben Roy, teaches at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, expresses a captivating and motivating approach to teach science.  I also liked how Mr. Roy utilizes our Creator in his talking points as I want my girls to fully understand this is all possible to our beliefs.  There is such a huge emphasis to deny such amazing creations from nature and science so this was definitely a big plus for me.

The DVD is 45 minutes long and is recommended for ages 6 to 14.  The topics are broken down into individual segments that include an experiment and are filmed in front of a live audience.  I find that having children included in the segments encourages my children to want to participate as well.  Children love children so this I think is a huge pro for the series.  

The other big pro we enjoyed are they are not long and tedious.  The experiments are easy to follow and exciting to keep their attention.  They don't go into too much detail into the how's or why's but that was perfect for my children as they were intrigued with the hands on activity and watching the outcome.

Go Science Volume 6 Water Space Solar System

Go Science Volume 6 Water Space Solar System is also taught in front of a live audience with children actively engaged and participating.  This DVD is 37 minutes long and is also broken down to smaller segments which kept my girls interest.  Also taught by Mr. Roy, they enjoyed his teaching style and so did I.  Given their interest in the solar system, this was a no brainer for me to choose to review.  

The only main con I have is I would like to have a pre-message or a list of supplies to gather to run the experiments.  I think having this ahead of time, would simplify the process to start your own experiments.  They were so excited to watch these and to start but I had to make sure I had the items necessarily.

Overall, it's a great resource to supplement a home school curriculum.  It's also a great supplement for those children in a non-home school environment.  It's engaging, it's fun and it's educational.

The Go Science videos are available from LES as a bundle for $47.95 or $8.97 each.  

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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