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Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume Review & Giveaway WINNER

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Harvey Prince Ageless: A Smart Scent

Nothing makes a woman feel like a woman like a good perfume. Having perfect strangers compliment you on the perfume you are wearing is always a boost to the ego as it shows you have good taste. Most important is when your significant other enjoys the fragrance and you know it drives him crazy. We all like aromas hence the big business around candles, incents, air fresheners and all the other products available so a perfume that is considered a smart scent only makes sense.

I was provided an exciting opportunity to review Harvey Prince’s Ageless perfume and I have to admit, I was a skeptic as I’m ultra sensitive to strong perfumes and have only worn two different brands my entire life. I was excited to receive the perfume in the mail and opened it right away to see if I felt younger or if my husband perceived me as being younger.

I sprayed it lightly on one arm and then performed the test on my husband and my oldest daughter. My husband perked up after I sprayed it on my arm as I lightly passed it by him. My oldest daughter liked the fresh smell and how it wasn’t overpowering. She's worse than me when it comes to perfumes.

I can honestly say that the perfume lives up to the smells of the various ingredients listed as top, middle and base notes.

The top notes consists of pink grapefruit, apple, mango, pineapple and pomegranate which left an upbeat, delightful smell. The leafy greens add to the freshness. This is the first scent when first applied to the skin and should last around 5-10 minutes. It was a nice refreshing smell which did not choke me up as many other perfumes do.

The middle or heart note contains cherry blossom and pink jasmine which is suppose to leave a calming and relaxing effect. The two additional ingredients, Lily of the Valley and Peony brings out happiness emotions. This scent becomes more obvious after 15 minutes post application and can last up to an hour or more.

The base or dry notes include precious woods, musk and vanilla. The vanilla lends its hand at soothing and a positive attitude. These ingredients are considered heavier and can last for hours.

It reminded me of living in Hawaii again with all the wonderful fragrances. The combination of all scents works wonderfully together and definitely leaves you not smelling like grandma.

Harvey Prince’s Ageless perfume is not like any other perfume as it’s marketed to make a woman feel years eight years younger due to the scent alone. What is different about the basis of this perfume is the president of Harvey Prince’s two sons researched and studied the writings of an author and scent critic in NY and a neurologist and psychiatrist who study scents. The outcome is a patent-pending perfume that smells nothing like your mother or grandmother and inspires thoughts of youth.


1. Light, fresh smell
2. Not overpowering
3. Inspired by clinical trials
4. Sleek, elegant bottle design
5. 100% allergy tested
6. Not tested on animals
7. Free of chemicals


1. It might be a little pricey for some but a good scent is worth it!

The Giveaway so you can try it yourself!

One full size bottle of Ageless (3.4 oz)

To enter:

Go to
http://www.harveyprince.com/ and come back here to leave a comment on something you learned.
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Giveaway ends September 20, 2009 and winner will be chosen by random.org.
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