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Our Hello Kitty Party

We finally had the girls' Hello Kitty party and even though I didn't get to go to the extent I wanted, it turned out with smiles from them.  The wind here is unreal so I had to move some of it inside and the part I had outside, had to be taken down as quickly as it was put up.  I had an image in my mind how it would turn out but no thanks to the wind, I wasn't able to do it.

This picture was a sweet shop which I took a white bookcase and altered it into my shop.  I used fabric, styrofoam (top part with the Hello Kitty wrap), two covered wrapping paper tubes to hold up the top and a hot glue gun.  I also used both my Silhouette SD Cutter and the Cricut with Hello Kitty cartridge to make the sign along with Elmer's glue adhesives for poster boards.

The table was just an existing table we had along with Hello Kitty plastic plates, cups and hats.

I bought pink and black Sixlets for the candy jar and via Amazon, 
Hello Kitty Marshmallow Pop, 1.48-Ounce Packages (Pack of 24) and PEZ Hello Kitty, 0.58-Ounce Assorted Candy Dispensers (Pack of 12) and Hello Kitty Candy Tin Sours Raspberry.

This was the little set up outside that included cupcakes with handmade picks, popcorn cones with Hello Kitty ribbons and push up pops as seen in the book Push-up Pops.  I used Push Pop Containers 24ct. Clear Plastic Push up Pops to layer brownie and pink icing.  I adorned Hello Kitty charms along the edge with a ribbon.

The pre-party dresses were compliments of Adorable Baby Clothing that have a beautiful assortment of amazing quality clothing for children.  From every day wear to formal wear, the selection is definitely there.  My favorite part outside of the superb customer service is the ease in finding the sizes you want if you decide to dress more than one child in the same outfit.

Party Invitation Examples:

Activities included painting our nails with the Hello Kitty manicure set, playing pin the bow on Hello Kitty and practicing riding our new bikes.

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