Embracing a Healthy Family: how to teach to ride without training wheels
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Strider Sports: Teaching Your Little One to Ride Without Training Wheels

I just experienced amazing customer service from a company that I had never heard of until a couple of week's ago.  My oldest is old enough that I don't recall how she learned how to ride a bike and I suppose that is bad but between working and being younger at the time, you tend to forget some things.  Now I have a seven year old who is itching to learn how to ride a bike coupled with a two year old who thinks she's 10 and has to be just like her sister.  So how do you teach a child how to ride a bike? 

Striderâ„¢ PREbike - Pink

Do you let them have at it and just wipe the tears away and clean the wounds or do you push them along and keep guiding them to learn how to peddle and balance?  Those are at least the two methods I grew up with and remember countless scrapes and band-aids along the way.  Not now thanks to the wonderful Strider Sports, International company.  I will disclose ahead of time that I will be providing a post on a product review but I felt compelled to share this tip on how to teach your little one to ride to be a series in more post with the summer months approaching as well as updates on their progress.  My participation in no means has influenced this post and it was completely my own decision to post because I'm so excited to try it and share with others who are in the same situation since I do know many of my readers have small children.

Here is the tip from Strider:

  1. Remove the pedals and the training wheels.  
  2. Set the seat at a height where the child can touch with both feet flat on the ground.
  3. Have the child ‘strider’ it around for a couple days.  As soon as the child is able to glide with her feet off the ground and balance, it's time for step 4.
  4. Put the pedals back on and raise the seat back up.  
Basically the training wheels focused on pedaling and following those first three steps allows the child to focus on balance.  Once she learned how to balance, it's put together and combined, it will allow the child to ride!

I love this tip and can't wait to try it out!  Stay tuned for more information, updates and a product review and giveaway for Strider's No Pedal PREbike!

Strider PREbike

I ensured she was ready to advance to step 1 by having her peddle.  As some of you know, sometimes peddling isn't a natural instinct and they have to learn which way to peddle.  I didn't raise her seat yet as once I remove the peddles and training wheels, it will be perfect height.  I'm so inspired by Strider Sport's help to teach her and her sister on how to ride without training wheels.

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