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Meaningful Beauty, CellCeuticals & ProActive: Do They Work?

I've used so many different products to prevent aging and there are a few I haven't tried yet.  I got a big boost the other day when I went to the grocery story my daughter works at with her and the cashier and bagger both asked her "is that your older sister?"  Talk about heaven!  It was as if Gerard Butler was before me with a box of Godiva chocolates in the near buff.  Okay ... it wasn't exactly that good but it's as good as it's going to get!

You name it, I've probably tried it.  There is on informercial that intrigues me and it's Cindy Crawford's Meaningfulbeauty.  The infomercial discusses her plight to find the right beauty regiment and how long she's been using the products created by the person behind Meaningfulbeauty.  It all seems logical as she does look AMAZING!

I'm curious if anyone has tried it and the results?
One of my past favorites was CellCeuticals but I have since moved on.  With CellCeuticals, as I was just reminded via a comment on my other blog, it doesn't help at all with acne.  The poster noted how her acne was horrible and quit using it.  The one thing I noted from my experiences with CellCeuticals and to date, any other beauty product, is my continued use of Proactiv

    If you have acne, is there another product you prefer?


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Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty: Does it Work or Typical Infomercial?

During my surfing, on the cover of some website were celebrity models without their make up on. Cindy Crawford was one of the one's who to me, looks amazingly young and still beautiful. Compared to the other women, who still looked good without their make up, Cindy looked years younger than what she actually is.

I've seen her informercials and if you are like me, you are doubtful and think it's yet another product for a celebrity to endorse to get some easy money.

Wrinkles are due to the normal aging process and things like the sun and wind cause us to produce these unstable molecules also called free radicals. These rebels break down collagen which forms wrinkles. This is where drinking your V8 is good for you since it's a source of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants help to ward off these radicals thus slowing down the aging process.

The plastic surgeon responsible for Meaningful Beauty, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh found with fellow researchers that a particular melon didn't age as quickly as equivalent fruit. Their 15 years of research attibuted this to what they call a "first generation super anti-oxidant called superoxide dismutase."

Meaningful Beauty is a patented formulation containing at least seven key ingredients. The melon extract, coenxyme Q10, lipoic acid and minerals are part of what makes this product's claim for efficacy.

Dr. Sebagh coined the phrase "Age Maintenance" as a change of thinking to prevent versus to treat with plastic surgery. They claim in as little as four weeks, a diminishing of skin redness and roughness will occur as well as a brightened appearance and a smoothness of wrinkles.

This is where Cindy comes in. She started going to Dr. Sebagh ten years ago and has been endorsing the products ever since they became available. They also have a page of testimonials.

The complete system costs $29.95 plus shipping and handling for a 30 day period with money back guarantee.

What I find interesting is that the doctor has a host of other products on his own site.

Interested in reading some other reviews, click here. If anyone has tried, please comment!
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