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Orglamix Review and Giveaway Coming Soon!

I keep touting the importance or interest I'm having with turning more to natural products and trying to live a healthier life.  I'm amazed at the number of products available to help achieve this goal but am also cautious as many products are still made by the bigger corporations.  When it comes to something that is often overlooked, make-up, it was a big wake up call when I read the ingredients we put on our skin every day and sometimes multiple times a day.  If the skin can absorb so much, can you imagine what we are absorbing through our cosmetics?  

I like this: The next generation of mineral make up:  Orglamix.  Zero synthetic ingredients and are formulated without nano particles, bismuth oxychloride, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or parbens.  There is even a guarantee that you will love Orglamix or your money back!  Buying products that can back be backed up with a money back guarantee strengthens my desire to want to try as we all know, make up can be expensive.

Smokin Haute Must-Have Collection - Pure Organic Mineral Eye Colors

Blue Eyes PLAY - Pure Organic Eye Color Collection Green Eyes POP - Pure Organic Eye Color Collection

Orglamix is available here and has a variety of products available.  Whether you need foundation, glow, eye or cheek color, brushes and more, Orglamix has it covered.

To stay up to date with Orglamix, check out the following:

Stay tuned for a review and giveaway!

The Organic Pharmacy (Organic Glam) Review of Organic Eye Products

I previously posted an entry on The Organic Pharmacy and a wonderful facial cleanser called Carrot Butter which you can click here to read compliments of Megan Brown at Light Years Ahead.  If you aren't familar with The Organic Pharmacy, various media outlets have picked them over and over again for their high quality, organic products and they have a page dedicated to these featured articles at The Organic Pharmacy

For example:

In our essential annual round-up, Newby Hands selects all the best products and treatments you need right now. Best Natural Facial. The Organic Pharmacy's facials. From the creams to the massage to the wonderfully scented masks, these treatments are pure and unadulterated joy.
Founded by Margo and Francesco Marrone, The Organic Pharmacy shop in Kings Road, London opened in 2002. Their passion and dedication for all things truly organic means that their very high standards have not changed since that very first day. They have a team of homeopaths, beauty therapists and consultants that share their passion and expertise to offer you solutions for all your health and beauty needs.

The Organic Pharmacy's product line is vast:
  • Make Up
  • Books
  • Kits
  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Bath
  • Gifts
  • Men (products for men ... you can't select men :))
  • Macerated Oils
  • Mother and Baby Care
  • Creams and Ointments
  • Homeopathic
  • Tinctures
  • Supplements
  • Detox at Home Program
  • Candles
What's nice about The Organic Pharmacy is they opened a shop in Beverly Hills so we, in the US, have an easier way to access this variety of organic, healthier products.

For this review, Megan from Light Years Ahead sent my daughter three products:

Organic Glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter

As the description for this product states, "the secret weapon in illumination, these liquid shimmers can be used to illuminate the cheek bones, eye lids, inside the corners of the eyes or on the bridge of the nose for a fresh dewy look."

As you can see, it's a versatile product and although it's a little pricey at $37.10 for a 5 ml bottle, it will last a long time.  The beauty with The Organic Pharmacy is their products are made of only the purest and organic ingredients so it truly does last longer than the average product you are used to.  I've had the Carrot Butter Cleanser for over a week and there is barely a dent in the volume and I feel my face is glowing and appears more youthful.

The illuminating shades range in Pink Ice, Silver Ice and Warm Gold.  Click here to go The Organic Pharmacy to view the available shades.

The directions state you can apply and blend over eye shadow, inner corners of the eyes, cheek bones and any where else that needs a dose of shimmer.  My daughter applied it over her eye shadow and the inner corners of her eyes which gave it a great shimmering look.  This would be ideal for nighttime activities or a special event.  If you use it lighter, it can be worn during the day as well.  She liked the instructions on how to apply it in the accompanied Organic Glam Make-Up booklet.

Here is a picture of her post application.  It's hard to see but the colors look great and are complimentary to her complexion.

Organic Glam Mineral Eye Shadow Shimmer

Organic Glam Mineral Eye Jewels are a loose shimmer powder with easy to use screw top applicator.

Organic Glam Mineral Eye Jewels have been formulated using 100% natural mineral powder and contain NO artificial preservatives or fragrances. The innovative formulas benefit the skin by using only the purest of ingredients.

This product you have to be careful with as since it's 100% natural mineral powder, it will spray out all over you.  You also have to be careful applying it so it doesn't leave a residue on top of your foundation.  It provides great coverage and once you get used to using mineral based eye shadows, you will most likely love it as she did.  Her only complaint was the residue.  As with the Organic Glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter, a little goes a long way for $35.24.

To see actual shades visit The Organic Pharmacy here:  Turquoise Blue, Emerald Green, Pink Gold, Light Gold and Bronze .

The final product was Organic Glam Mineral Eye Pencil

Organic Glam Mineral Eye Pencil. An eye pencil which is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive eyes has so Hydrogenated Fats, artificial preservatives or fragrances just mineral colours gives our new eye pencils a soft and creamy texture that can create either a smudged look or precise application for professional results. 

This was both of our favorite as we both normally use liquid eyeliner, which The Organic Pharmacy does have, but this went on smooth and easy.  Remember, those who grew up in the 80's using a match or lighter to warm up our eyeliner pencils?  Not with this!  It goes on so nice and smooth and looks wonderful!  This costs $29.36.

In summary, she really liked all three products and would have preferred darker colors for herself.  Since she noted she only had to use a little to apply, she thought that made the costs were in alignment to the quantity.  For those that buy beauty products from department stores, it's around the same cost with the exception of these products are organic and pure. 

We both highly recommend the products from The Organic Pharmacy.

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review nor was my daughter. She was provided the three beauty products listed to try and provide a review compliments from Megan Brown at Light Years AheadThanks, Megan!

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