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Great Gift Idea for Christmas: Intentions Hand Crafted Soap: Review Update


I just received my beautiful, fragrant hand crafted soaps by Intentions and they are amazing!  I love them so much it's going to be hard to give them away.  Those are the pictures I took of them to try to show the work that went into them.  Some have beautiful tops with the fragrance type while others have "Intentions" stamped into them.  They too pretty to use but I will just so I can add to this review (which I provided on my own without any compensation by Intentions).

If you are looking to be pampered, need something gorgeous for your bath or want to wow someone with a great looking present, check out Intentions.
I just purchased these wonderful hand crafted soaps from Intentions, an Etsy store and I cannot wait to get them!  They are so beautiful, unique and reasonably priced.  I've never been much into the whole "pretty soap" thing but these were screaming at me to buy them!  The one above is intended on being a gift but I just might make it my own personal gift!

The Soap Trio Treasure has three soaps tucked into a treasure chest with a small charm adorning the front. The chest can be filled with additional treasures when the soaps are rehomed to the edge of a basin.   Comes with either pink or burgundy ribbon so I'm picking the burgundy one.

The following fragrances can be chosen:

  • Flowerfull
  • Wistful Winter Wishes
  • Honey Can I Bee
  • Berry Tart
  • Fresh Apple (soap is pictured in very front of basket)
  • Fall In
  • Berry Me
  • Greener Pastures
  • Summer Lime

I also bought the Pink Sugar Natural Sugar bar because it's another natural soap bar with more than 10% grapeseed oil, a luxuriant, emollient skin oil. Coconut milk and sodium lactate act as skin humectants.  This might be too pretty to us!

The Flowerful Sachet/Soap Bar is the next one I couldn't resist.  A so sophisticated floral! An extremely mild soap bar excellent for normal or dry skin. Super filled with cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, honey, micas, Vitamin E.

I was nice this time and bought something for my husband ... a late Veteran's Day present!  It states it's a perfect uni-sex scent. Cedar Forest. Crisp. Clean. Jam packed with skin loving oils of hemp (filled with EFA's, you know the essential fatty acids everyone and their news anchor keep talking about) olive oil, palm and coconut with castor thrown in because it does create awesome bubbles. The big, rainbow throwing ones.

Want to know more about all the great products?  Remember, these make amazing Christmas presents!

Check out Intentions at Etsy!

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