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TrimBack.com: New Community for Online Couons, Deals & Discounts - Including Grocery Coupons Update

I just woke up this morning and found out I won the Trimback & MomFuse blogging contest!  Yeah!!!

If you haven't had a chance to check out Trimback, you really should as it's an excellent source to save money with coupons and discounts to a huge selection of stores.  There is even a Shopping Forum coming soon to help share more great deals!

Want to know more about Trimback?  Please read my post below.

I'm an above-novice coupon clipper and semi-expert for online sales but with the need to cut spending and realize better budgeting skills, finding a bargain or a discount has become somewhat a hobby for me.  I also spend a lot of my time shopping on the internet as it's easier and you really can pick up some great deals if you use coupon codes.  Before I buy anything online, I always search for coupons. 

One of my favorite stores to shop online is Macy's.  I will never buy anything unless I search for Macy's coupon codes to ensure I get the best deal.  What I like the best about this site, it has all the stores that you can think of and all you do is enter the store you are interested in, click on search and all the offers pop up.  If you don't know what you want to search for, all the stores are available in alphabetical order.

This relatively new site, TrimBack.com is a community offering great coupon codes, deals and more.  They even have a blog that provides informative details on other codes, special deals and bargains.  You can search over 30,000+ coupons, deals and discounts!


Remember whenever you want to buy something online, check for codes, discounts and deals with four easy steps:
  1. Go to TrimBack.com
  2. Enter the store you are interested in the search box and press search
  3. Select from all the available deals, discounts and coupons
  4. Click the coupon code or click the click to use link next to the code and enter the code when instructed to.
Don't forget there is a handy tab for grocery store coupon clipping too!

*Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this review.  I am entering a MomFuse and TrimBack.com contest for a giftcard giveaway.  I did register and use the site so my review is an honest review of the site and abilities.

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