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TheSkinny: New Beauty Sample Site

TheSkinny.com is a new site that once you join, you get e-mail notifications on sale events and your products are chosen based on a recommendation on your entries when you first join.   TheSkinny is the first online skin care sample site that was launched August 31, 2009. 

"With a new skin care product launching every 85 minutes, it's not surprising that shoppers are overwhelmed," said Lauren Fornes, co-founder of The Skinny. "Consumers want solutions to their skin concerns and are open to trying new brands, but the top reasons consumers don't try a new brand are confusion and cost. We started The Skinny to lower those barriers and help skin care brands gain new customers."

Some of TheSkinny sales include brand name products from Perricone MD, Lisa Hoffman Beauty, Tammy Fender, International Orange and more. The Skinny goes beyond big discounts. Led by Fornes, a licensed aesthetician, the Skinny's expert team produces entertaining and educational brand and product videos that quickly highlight each solution's science and efficacy.

"Education is a big focus for us, but skin care should be fun too! Our video content communicates the science behind the products in an approachable, interactive way," said Fornes.

Interested in learning more about TheSkinny, click here and join.

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