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Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Wine, Chocolate & Cards

This idea is a little on the high end of the spectrum for the average person.
RedEnvelope.com has this great leather wine carrying case for $89.95 but it has received 30 reviews and is rated top stars.  You can even personalize the carrier and gift wrap it.  If you have never purchased from Red Envelope, their gift wrapping service is about as wonderful as the gift itself.  It comes in a nice, high-quality red gift box.

To top of the elegance, you can either order your own labels and bottles since there are many businesses that provide that service, buy your own labels (see below) or make your own label.  This is an inexpensive way to add that special, one of a kind look as well as an ability to express yourself.

If you don't want to go with the carrier, you can choose a personalized wine box. Walmart carries a nice one for $21.96.

I personally prefer the one at Personal Creations at $24.95:

Top it off with some customized chocolate from Chocomize and you are set with only finding the perfect card.  There is a giveaway ending 1/25 for Chocomize customized chocolate bars here.

Thanks to Etsy, you can find some really unique cards that have that extra homemade touch to them.

Card Example 1:

This one is from SweetHarvey's shop and is a 10 pack of letterpress mini cards.  Granted you don't need 10 cards specifically but think of the creative ways you can express your love with 10 cards!  Be creative and get romantic with an array of ideas such as using the cards to place strategically for hints at what the night holds.  There are many possibilities.

Card Example 2:

Michellenstamps has cute handmade choices if you prefer a cute way to show your love.  Each one of the textured circles on the card background has been hand applied. The framed words say "love, be mine, hugs and kisses," with a fun assortment of ribbon highlighting them.

Card size is 4 1/4" square. Because the post office will charge you extra to mail a square envelope, I am sending you a 4 1/2 x 5 3/4" envelope. That way if you mail it, you won't need to attach extra postage. The inside of the card is blank, for you to write your own message.

Happy Valentine's Day Planning!

Youthful Tips

New Personalized Christmas Ideas

I just reviewed my regular mail from yesterday and opened a flyer from Photoworks.com announcing a new site along with free shipping using code HOLIDAYSHIP09.  I've used Photoworks before and haven't really thought about what knock out gifts I would buy this year yet but did like the inspirational ideas that I saw. 

The calendars are different from what I'm used to seeing as there are more varieties and choices to offer more of a you in each month.  They offer more than just one picture and it has a scrapbook feel to it. 

My photo card this year will be tough to decide since I have a 75% off coupon at Zazzle versus the multi-card options which I prefer.  I love these types of cards as they become keepsakes.  I've not ordered cards from them before so I have no idea on the quality. 

This is another one of my favorites that I almost bought last year but opted out.  I think I might try one this year just to see the quality.

This is a cute idea for home made baked goods:

With places like Photoworks and others, they allow us to almost look like the perfect Martha Stewart ... after all, who has to admit we didn't make it completely by ourselves??

Youthful Tips
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