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Robin Meade Morning Sunshine! Book Review & 5 Copies for Giveaway 10/25/09


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Book Details:
  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1599951649
  • ISBN-13: 978-1599951645   
I never heard of Robin Meade until I received an offer from Hachette Book Group to read about this popular TV woman, Robin Meade and her journy to conquor anxiety and self confidence issues. To see such a beautiful woman admit she suffers issues of confidence was amazing to me.  Reading her book left you with a sense of "wow, this is really one down to earth, funny person."   Robin provides a background of where she started, the values instilled in her and how she never forgot them.  She also enlightens you on where "Morning Sunshine!" came from.

Robin is the Headline News morning anchor who worked hard to be in the position she has.  She's a fighter and she's real.  She introduces her four step approach to building confidence and she is proof it works.  Robin has a natural warmth and an inviting personality.

Robin adds so much laughter in the book by being able to make fun of herself that you find her real and you catch yourself wanting to read more about her.  She tells of a time in the 8th grade where she was jump roping on stage with holiday garland.  Unknown to her, the hem of her skirt was lifting up and exposing her "bum" for all to see.  Even then, she handled it with grace and dignity and was able to laugh about it. 

I think the book is very appealing because others can easily relate to what Robin is stating and have also experienced a lot of what she has.  Being able to relate to your author, makes the reading experience more enjoyable and it has more of an impact.  Not to repeat, she's beautiful, witty and intelligent.

Great book that I would recommend naturally to Robin Meade fans as well as anyone suffering from confidence and anxiety issues.  This is a must for women as you will help see you are not alone and you can overcome these obstacles.

Morning Sunshine!: How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too

The giveaway is FIVE lucky readers will receive a copy of Robin Meade's Morning Sunshine! book courtesy of Hachette Book group.

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You will enjoy this book!
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