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Week 2 on the 1-2-3 Slim-Fast Diet - 4 Pounds Lost

Last week, I started a healthy challenge with my six members of my family.  We are using Facebook to check in and encourage one another.  My oldest and I have been using the Slim-Fast line of products to accomplish our goals.  Since last Monday, I have lost four pounds.  I'm still waiting for her weigh in but was very pleased to see the loss.  My other family members are losing too and with this mornings check in for three of us, combined, we have lost 12 pounds in a week.  We are not starving and we are eating.  For myself, the 1-2-3 Slim-Fast new shakes are now available with lids so it makes it easy to take with you.  They are very, very good ..did I say VERY good?  That is just one part of the diet as it's a complete meal plan.

Snack BarsMeal Bars

The online Slim-Fast site allows you to enter your profile, how much you weight and how much you want to lose.  It provides a guide in getting to your goal in a safe manner.  Here is a summary of what your average day is like:

  • A meal bar or shake for breakfast and lunch (approximately 190 calories)
  • Three 100 calorie snacks throughout the day with helpful suggestions on smart choices like almonds or apples or convenient snacks such as their snack bars which are really good.
  • One 500 calories sensible meal which they provide great tasting recipes to help you make the journey easier.
The shakes are my favorite.  They are rich and you cannot tell they are a diet type product since they don't have that old fiber taste of other brands and they don't leave a horrible after taste.  They are amazingly good.  With the new lids, it makes it easier to take on the go too.  The 500 calorie meals for the 3-2-1 plan include filling your plate 1/2 full of vegetables, 1/4 starch and 1/4 lean protein.  This is a sensible approach in losing and maintaining weight.  The plan allows you to track your progress and encourages water intake and exercise.  It's a smart plan to use in losing weight in a better way as it's slow and it helps to incorporate a lifestyle or behavioral change.

Updated:  I forgot to mention that I have been exercising nearly every day for almost an hour on my recumbent bike.  My daughter has lost two pounds!

So this past week, I lost four pounds.  Stay tuned as I share mine and my family's journey in getting healthy!

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*Disclaimer:  I did receive complimentary product but the posts are my opinions and I was not obligated to post.

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