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Pirate Brands Smart Puffs Oven Baked Gluten Free Puffs Are Amazing


This is not a review post based on a product trial offer rather it's just one I wanted to share with others as we love it!  It's oven baked and all natural!  No preservatives, gluten and trans fat free!  We've been on a slow path towards eating healthier and my girls love Cheetos but after reading some of the healthy books such as Vintage Remedies, it's been opening my eyes to preservatives and additives.

Here is the book if interested as my giveaway for Vintage Remedies already ended.  It's an excellent resource for those wanting to get back to a natural way to eat.

My daughters and I embarked on a mission to Earth Fare and they had samples out of the Smart Puffs and much to my surprise, the girls loved them and so do I!  We ran out and tried to buy another brand but it left a weird after taste.  The Smart Puffs are addicting as the real Wisconsin cheddar is amazingly good.

They are part of the Pirate Brands of food and to date, we've tried the Smart Puffs and the Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar.

The first ingredient is corn meal ... no processed, refined flour  .. just corn meal and I can actually pronounce every ingredient on the label which doesn't contain much.

The Pirate Story:

The Pirate Brands story began in 1987 in Sea Cliff, NY with our founder, Robert. Robert, a snack industry renegade and father of two, scoured the high-seas for a tasty treasure that would inspire people to live a little healthier and have fun while doing it. That's when Robert discovered the cheesy rice and corn puffs we know today as, Pirate's Booty.
Thanks to Robert and his tasty treasure, no longer do you have to eat "cheese" puffs dusted with neon orange powder with incomprehensible ingredients. When you buy Pirate Brands products, you are getting wholesome goodness without the guilt.
Check them out here and on Facebook.

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