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That's a Wrap: Creative Wrap

I tend to focus a lot of this blog on things that make gifts more special and unique and as I have mentioned previously, I always try to make each gift come from the heart.  I search over and over for the perfect presentation to show how much I love and care for the person I'm honoring. 

That's a Wrap has the most incredible display of beautiful ways to wrap that special gift because after all, if you go to the trouble to make the gift heartfelt, you might as well make it beautiful upon giving.
The products range from everything you need to wrap your special gifts.  I'm really amazed at the volume of products they have and how they coordinate them into Gift Kits or you can individually select what you want.
They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
They have many different containers as well.  Boxes, purses, take out boxes and many other types to choose from.  They also have all the fillers and bows you could ever dream of from tulle to tissue paper and so much more.

On their site, they offer how to's which is great for those that are not Martha Stewart!

Since Christmas really is fast approaching, check out their great supplies.  They range from cookie and wine boxes to bevel gourmet boxes to cello rolls, stockings and all the other gift wrap coordinates.

I really love this shop due to the creativity, the variety and their help in making sure your gift truly is special.
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