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WAT-AAH!'s Second Annual Halloween Effort

WAT-AAH!, will be conducting its second annual Halloween Effort to encourage and teach kids the importance of drinking water this Halloween!

WAT-AAH! will be stationed in several schools, neighborhoods and distribution outlets throughout New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia this Halloween. WAT-AAH! will be educating kids about the importance of drinking water and encouraging kids to limit their consumption of sugary drinks and snacks. WAT-AAH! Bones, with its neon orange label, will be handed out along with FUN merchandise such as backpacks, school supplies, tattoos and reusable plastic bottles!

What a great program WAT-AAH! is doing to help ensure kids make the right choices...kudos!


Youthful Tips

WAT-AHH Review & Back to School Giveaway WINNER!


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Did you know that kids that drink water before a test can improve test scores? According to a University of East London, kids who drank water performed significantly better.

A relatively new drink option for health conscious mothers first launched in NY in June of 2008. This new product is called WAT-AHH! and it's created as the first 100% sugar-free, functional beverage designed for kids with bottles designed by kids.

The Pro's:
  1. They have a variety of products ranging from Brain, Bones, Body and Energy. If this sounds a little weird to you, as a mother of an epileptic child, I know how important electrolytes are relative to what the medications do to a child.
  2. They contain no sugar, artificial flavoring or colors.
  3. BPA free bottles.
  4. Cool kid oriented designs that might draw kids to them.
  5. Can purchase it from over 250 stores to include WAT-AAH! 12 packsAmazon (which has more good reviews).
    Marketing campaign embraces a call to children's health.
  1. A little more expensive than traditional water which for me, wasn't too much of a problem as anything that helps my *daughter's epilepsy is worth it.

The four types of available water are:

  1. The Brain drink provides those electrolytes without the sugar that other products provide.
  2. The Bone drink provides bone building magnesium on top of 100% no sugar.
  3. Body is the organic person's dream as it has no sodium, no chemicals and again, no sugar.
  4. Energy has energizing oxygen with no sugar.

After researching more about WAT-AAH! water, I found that it was named one of the best products for kids in 2009 by Trend Hunter magazine.
I was given the opportunity to review this product because of my membership at The Product Review Place. My daughter said she "loves this water!" She normally drinks Smart Water but has grown tired of it and has turned back to wanting Coke. This renewed interest in WAT-AAH! is a welcome treat!

When she initially saw the bottle design, it really peaked her interest and she immediately asked what it was. I heard my oldest yell out she heard me after I had to say it the way it looks "WAT-AAH!" to make her laugh.
The bottle designs are appealing to kids since it has a cartoon yelling boy on the label. The bottles are also thinner making it easier for small hands to hold. I tried it and liked the taste and I'm a picky water drinker.
I was curious as to how she would react if she saw me drinking some later and her reaction was to put her other drink down and ask for the bottle I had. The Energy type is just as good as the Brain type.
For me, anything to encourage less sugary, artificial drinks and a return to natural water is good for me!

The giveaway:

A WAT-AAH! Backpack filled with fun back-to-school goodies (pencils, erasers, stickers etc...) along with WAT-AAH! samples as well!

To enter:
  1. Enter a comment on what you learned from WAT-AAH after reviewing their site.
Extra Entries & Leave an Additional Comment:
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  2. Follow WAT-AAH! on Twitter.
  3. Follow WAT-AAH! on their blog.

Contest ends September 15, 2009 and winner is chosen by random.org.

*NOTE: WAT-AAH makes no claims to helping with epileptic conditions as those are my own observations made after giving my child beverages with electrolytes in them and noticing an improvement.
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