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Albert Pujols Fan?

If you are a Albert Pujols fan, don't miss this great Pssst opportunity to win an autographed Wheaties FUEL box.

Read more from Pssst:

Ready to jump-start your fitness-related New Year’s resolution? Take a cue from one of today’s top athletes — first baseman and three-time baseball MVP winner Albert Pujols — who helped co-create Wheaties FUEL™, the newest Breakfast of Champions® cereal. You can even enter to win an Albert Pujols autographed Wheaties FUEL box…keep reading!

Albert worked closely with his Wheaties FUEL teammates — Peyton Manning, triathlete Hunter Kemper, Kevin Garnett, gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay, and sports nutritionist Dr. John Ivy — to develop the new cereal now available at your local grocery store. Wheaties FUEL is a lightly sweetened, crunchy whole wheat flake with crispy rice and a touch of honey and cinnamon, and is the first-ever cereal designed from the ground up by an elite champion co-creation team to help meet the nutritional needs of today’s athletes. Each serving contains whole grains and 100 percent recommended Daily Value of five B vitamins, and is an excellent source of fiber — a combination engineered to deliver long-lasting energy and help fuel your wins!

View this exclusive video message from Albert now, and be one of the first to see his new Wheaties FUEL box! And, if you become a fan at www.Facebook.com/Wheaties you can download a product coupon.

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