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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox Review

My kids and grandkids love to play with building products but I had no idea how much they would love Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox. They were so much fun from building whatever their imaginations thought of to even making a game out of them. They are also pretty cool in sneaking in some math practice and spelling while you play with them. They are made from solid wood with a precision cut that leave them smooth with no chance of getting splinters. They are also chemical free which is a bonus for me as there are enough chemicals in products that kids play with. The other cool feature to me is they are made of pine from New Zealand. My English grandparents moved to New Zealand after my mom married my dad and they moved to the States. 

The Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks arrived in a sturdy cardboard box and included a red canvas backpack, a color booklet of ideas along with information on the free eBook. Brain Blox provides a lot of great free resources too! From ideas on what to build downloadable cards to curriculum to videos and it's all FREE! They provide countless hours of fun that requires no iPad or other gaming system. I prefer to have avenues for the kids to utilize their imaginations while learning and developing problem solving and logical thinking. It's also good for dexterity and spatial awareness especially for the little ones. 

After we first opened the box, I let the kids do whatever they wanted to do and they built all sorts of things. They then ended up building a tower and took turns pulling out planks. They have had day after day of fun with them!

"I love them and you could do just about anything with them!" ~my youngest daughter

One of the things that interested me was the free curriculum, as noted above, which I utilized Levels 4-6.They call it Brain Blox University and they state that they are 'introducing early S.T.E.M. to children by helping them with spatial awareness through active building and thoughtful questions.' The curriculum includes a skills and concepts section and utilizes the Let's Build! Idea Cards which is also a free download. Here is a sample:

This is day one and they are each contemplating what to build:

The idea book was brought out for inspiration on this one:

This one was built by one of the children as a show stage:

Have to have a car ramp to make any building set complete:

The grandkids decided to try their hand at it another day:

A little educational fun:

How high can we get it??

The tall tower he's so proud of that he built all by himself!

Needless to say, they have enjoyed every day playing with the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox. It's a great way to incorporate some fun educational games and practice, or just to get their brains and imagination fired up! We loved them and highly recommend them!

"The planks were so much fun!" ~my oldest daughter

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