Embracing a Healthy Family: Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Lessons

My middle child loves horses and I wanted to give her an opportunity to try out something new and fun. Although she has epilepsy, I always worry that one of the seizures might occur without warning but I still allow her the chance to pursue her dreams. I was told not to hinder her experiences due to the condition rather guard and protect her.

Watching her on the horse was in incredible experience as I saw this shy, timid girl open up and take directions from her teacher and handle this horse with such control and maturity.

Even her little sister loved what she saw!

If you ever want to try something a little out of the ordinary, try horse riding lessons as it teaches so many different lessons and it's a fun and wonderful experience. If your child has some sort of a disability, there are many programs that cater for special needs children.

Your child can learn either in English or Western style. The extra bonus is they learn how to care for horses as well.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad your daughter enjoyed her experience!

Margaret following from MBC

Tart N Candle Addict said...

Aw both of your duaghters looked like they had a blast! Makes me want to go horse back riding now.
See you on MBC!

Clueless_Mama said...

It looks like she had an amazing time. I am glad you were able to let her do it. Her sister looked happy too.:)

Lucid Obsession said...

Horses are amazing creatures. I always wanted to ride as a child but I never got the chance until I was older. I do hope she continues to get to ride!

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