Embracing a Healthy Family: Star Wars Birthday Idea

Star Wars Birthday Idea

I decided to go back and post all the different birthday themes I threw over the last 20 years of my girls. This one was a special one to me as everyone in the house, five kids and two adults, like Star Wars and some even LOVE Star Wars. Not only does my family like it, my brother and his daughters are avid fans as well. So when we decided to merge birthdays, it only made sense to have a Star Wars theme.

I'm almost embarrassed to list my handmade invitations given the caliber of the one's that others make out there now but these are what I did a few year's ago. I also bought matching sucker molds as part of the favors and made chocolate figures with matching thank you cards attached to each one.

The birthday cake was easy as I just bought one from Walmart. I'm not that creative YET. I have bought the cake decorating books as I venture into it in my spare time. Being an Army wife keeps me busy on top of the kids and working full time.

The final addition to the theme was a cut out stand up of Obi Wan. The kids loved it and so did my oldest who laid claim to it for her bedroom as everyone knows what a looker he is (younger version of course)!

After playing some games, opening presents and eating cake, I took turns taking pictures of the kids next to Ben for a memory to take home.

Here are some other great party favors from Amazon merchants:

I wished they had a book like this when I was planning my party. Amazon allows you to look at some of the pages and it's GREAT!

Amazingmoms has great ideas for party games.


Star Wars Badges

Get your guests in the spirit of the latest Star Wars saga with this

fun craft project. Before the party, cut out badges from construction paper. Provide the kids with Star Wars stickers, extra paper, glue,

scissors, glitter, markers, crayons, magazine pictures, etc., and encourage creative expression. During the party, hand out extra badges as favors while playing games. When giving out the badges, honor the kids with special awards, i.e., Best Yoda Impression, Best Team Player, Most Infectious Giggle, or Biggest Smile.

Asteroid Hunt

Purchase small treats or gifts and wrap them in aluminum foil.

Hide them in a sandbox, around the house or in the yard.

At the party, let the children dig in the sand, or search throughout

your “planet” to find their “moon rocks.” The kids will love the excitement of opening their rocks and finding treasures!

Light Saber Training Course

Before the party make some light sabers with foam pipe insulation or

skinny swimming "noodles". Wrap 4-6 inches from the end with colored electrical tape to make a handle. One red, one black, blue etc.

To play, divide the kids into teams to go through a challenge course.

Each team will get one "Light Saber". Create tasks for each potential

Jedi to accomplish (not too hard) with the light saber in hand.

For example:

Hit ping pong balls with the light saber

Crawl under a chair tunnel, go down a slide,

Roll under a tarp

Pop bubbles with the light saber -- you get the idea.

Alien Face Painting

Purchase a set of face paints and give each guest a unique alien “look.”

Let each child make up an alien name for himself or create a few of your own and let the kids draw names randomly. Use movie names or your own, such as “Zork,” “Murblap,” or “Gondar.”

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Molly said...

oh my, I so know what I am doing for my son's next birthday! He recently discovered Star Wars the clone wars, and I'm a fan too, so much fun to relive it.

Unknown said...

Very cool ideas!!! I think the home made things are better than store bought. Awesome job!


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