Embracing a Healthy Family: Pony Welcome Adventure Package Review: Worth It!

Pony Welcome Adventure Package Review: Worth It!

If your child loves horses like mine do, the Pony Welcome Adventure Package is worth every penny you spend! The package arrived today and it had quality products and a really cool bag to carry it all or whatever they want to use it for. The free clock is a little on the cheap side but total cost is $5.95 and if you aren't satisfied, you can return it and keep the clock.

Your child will receive:
  1. American Dream Horses that has 80 pages of color pictures and facts. This book is very nice with great color photos and great historical facts surrounding each breed.

  2. A story called Vacation at Sunshine Farm which is geared towards a more advanced reader but I think my girls will enjoy hearing me read it to them. It has black and white illustrations.

  3. A copy of the monthly magazine which is smaller in size than the average magazine and perfect for kids. They have pages dedicated to the readers to submit comments, questions, poems, etc.

  4. A very small horse figure but my two year old LOVED it.

  5. A full size color poster depicting many horses and it's already on the wall in the bedroom.

  6. The gym bag is black with a blue type background of a circle and a horse with diamond type accents. It's really nice.

  7. A notebook with a horse on the cover and blank pages to write in. This will be a perfect horse riding journal.

  8. A neighing alarm clock and I'll admit that I have not put a battery in it yet.

It's a reoccurring monthly package that includes the Pony Adventure magazine, books and special prizes and other packages. If you don't want the next package, there are options to skip it via telephone, online or by returning the card.

They have a new bonus program to earn points by purchasing the packages and referring new members to exchange for other items.

The package in October includes a very cool 3D puzzle.

They offer a ten day money back guarantee on any package. This was worth the trial offer since my daughter started taking horse riding lessons, she loves everything about horses and this will teach her more about them. I would recommend this to any child who likes or loves horses.

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