Embracing a Healthy Family: Spotlight on PR from feelslikehome.blog

Spotlight on PR from feelslikehome.blog

This blog was started to share information on topics related to good health, beauty and anything related to the family. I began only writing about my experiences and the research I began as I learned more. I became interested in building relationship with companies that catered towards these three topics. There is so much on the internet to learn from and one of the growing common areas are blogs. I used to research and try to find out what "real" people thought of a product before I bought it. I found those product endorsements or reviews were instrumental in making my decision.

As a mother of three children at home, two step children and an Army wife, I understand the value in excellent products that are tried and true as well as new. I want to be able to forge a relationship to provide meaningful and thoughtful reviews and possibilities for giveaways as the best form of PR is via mouth. I am wanting to review and have giveaways for any product related to health, beauty and the family (mainly children and moms).

The women over at feelslikehome.blog is offering an opportunity for those wanting that relationship.


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