Embracing a Healthy Family: Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas on a Budget

My sister was married this past July in my backyard.  The yard is big and gorgeous as it looks like a mini park.  We put up decorations and planted flowers.  I wanted to make it a special occasion so I created keepsakes from Zazzle.  This was a wedding on a budget so we looked for many ways to cut corners.

The first thing I made were magnets:

After still trying to decide which theme to keep, I made some stickers just for fun:

I made a matching bag to hold all of the things I made her:
Lastly, I made the invitations to coordinate with the rest of the items:

Even though no one other than our immediate family was able to attend since they were visiting from Indiana and we lived in Georgia, it was a nice event.  My husband was in Iraq so he missed out as well. 

I would have loved to have made the cake but I'm not that talented.  I was able to have a very nice retired Army spouse make a beautiful cake:

I also saved money by acting as the official photographer.

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Stephanie Foster said...

I absolutely love this theme for a wedding. I'll have to remember it if I ever get married.

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