Embracing a Healthy Family: Sunday Cupcake Decorating

Sunday Cupcake Decorating

Yesterday, we made cupcakes in preparation for trying to master our decorating before Halloween for our big party!  This time, I baked the cupcakes and let her have free reign in icing and decorating.

She really loved having this opportunity to use all the sprinkles and other candy to make her own creations.  I like using picnik.com to add adornments and special frames to each picture.  picnik.com is free for basic features and is low cost if you want some of the premium features. 

One word of caution if you try to create a collage and use it via another website to order prints, be careful as the quality can come back poor if you started with not so great quality pictures.  I've used Zazzle to order prints which have always been top of the line.
Last year, we ordered the invitations from a seller on Ebay but for circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel the party but I ordered them to occur either on a Saturday for 2008 or Sunday for 2009 just in case.  I'll scan and include an image as they are great!

Above is a sample of her creations!  She made many more and everyone, except me, is enjoying them!  I'm still on the Quick Weight Loss Center diet (for my review progress, look to the sidebar widget).

Special hello to her Granny in Australia!

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