Embracing a Healthy Family: Losing Weight: I Lost 15 Pounds To Date!

Losing Weight: I Lost 15 Pounds To Date!

I started a weight loss program in July by watching what I eat and using the Wii Cardio Gym and Jillian Michael's games.  I officially started the Quick Weight Loss Center's home program in August and to date, I've lost 15 pounds (as of yesterday). 

I'm keeping track of my weight loss and program in a separate journal entry (widget on the side) and in an effort to help others who might be interested, am trying to get sponsorship for a Get Fit Giveaway starting October 1 and running until January 1, 2010.

I plan to utilize my knowledge I've learned and my success in encouraging others to join me in getting a jump start on your New Year's resolution!

Interested?  Let me know! 

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Lynnette said...

Sign me up! Count me in.

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