Embracing a Healthy Family: Disney, Thomas Kinkade & More Christmas Ideas: CollectiblesToday

Disney, Thomas Kinkade & More Christmas Ideas: CollectiblesToday

One of my favorite shops at Christmas time is Collectibles Today.  They have a great array of high quality yet personal products.  Famous names such as Thomas Kinkade and Disney are part of their wonderful product line.

Last year, as I like to purchase a special ornament a year for each of the kids was the Rudolph the Reindeer personalized ornament.  When the little one opened it, it wasn't as big of a deal as it will be this year as she's only one but wait until she starts realizing how special each ornament she will collect to take with her when she grows up will be.
Thomas Kinkade is one of my favorites and I usually pick a floral centerpiece that has one of his inspired pieces adorning the middle.  My table looks timely yet elegant. 

These are some of my favorites this year:

Thomas Kinkade Wondrous Winter Pullup Tree

Collectible Thomas Kinkade Animated Snowman Figuri

The Wonderful World Of Disney Christmas Tree: Coll

Diamond Embrace Personalized Engraved Couples Diam

Love Never Ends Personalized Engraved Diamond And

Collectibles is running some specials too:

Hidden Special Offers Page

Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase

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