Embracing a Healthy Family: Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas & More

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas & More


Are you spending HOURS looking for the perfect stocking stuffers?

I found some great products!

This one I absolutely love the idea of making my two little one's think Santa was at our house.

A ton of presents under the tree and the fact that the cookies and milk have been consumed, both signify that Santa made a visit the night before. But here’s a way to prove -- to even the most skeptical of young children -- that Santa was really there. All the vestiges that one would imagine Santa would leave behind - glasses, a torn piece of red suit, a large coat button, a boot prints, a sleigh bell on a red ribbon, a toy list, reindeer hoof prints, Santa’s glove -- are included in this set. Place these items strategically near the tree and the kids will squeal with amazement as they discover the clues on Christmas morning. Magic snow is included with Santa Clues to use with the stencils to create the boot prints and reindeer hooves. Ages 4+

It's priced at $14.95 and I know I'm getting it!

Little kids LOVE bandaids so why not give a set of these really cool bandaids?

After the fingers, we’re sure the feet are the next biggest consumers of band aids. Whether it’s those new 4 inch heels you are trying to break in, or your Converse sneakers that you walked in 14 miles without socks….blisters abound on heels, toes and in-between. When they do take your pick, from this assortment geared to foot attire. Six designs in four different shapes. 24 assorted bandaids packaged in a metal tin. Latex free. Tin measures 2 5/8 inches W x 3 5/8 inches H.

Bandages - Art School

You’re creative, your band aids should be too. For all you budding Warhol’s and Vasarely’s, these are the go to way to accessorize, and protect, cuts and scrapes incurred from pallet knife or daily life. Six different designs – Rainbow, Stars, Waves, Ziz-Zag, Dots and Squares in three different shapes. Latex free. Come packaged in a metal tin that's 2 5/8 inches W x 3 5/8 inches H.

They come in a metal tin with six different designs for $5.95 and have other selections.

Constructive Eating Utensils Set

Your kids will be happy to hear it’s now okay to play with their food! Here is a set of eating utensils disguised as construction tools. Created by a husband and wife team with three kids, these utensils are scaled for little hands to hold. The set is composed of a "Fork Lift" Fork, "Bulldozer" Pusher and our personal favorite, the "Front Loader" Spoon. We all know little boys love trucks, but we’re sure as soon as "sis" sees these, she’s going to want a set too. Handles are textured to make for easy gripping. The PVC-free, phthalate-free plastic is rugged, lightweight and dishwasher safe. Fork and Spoon measure 5 3/4 inches L x 1 inches W; Pusher is 10 inches L x 6 inches W x approximately 2 inches thick at the widest part. Packing has changed slightly.

Price: $19.95

Maxell M&M Ear Buds - these are really cute!
Product Description

M&M'S® stereo ear buds by Maxell deliver sweet sounds to your ears. The M&M'S® ear buds combine Maxell's premium sound capabilities with M&M'S® world renowned 'M' design. The signature M and round shape of the ear buds emulate the candy everyone knows and loves. Available in five vibrant colors, they can match any MP3 player, outfit or even mood. They look great and sound even better. Using Maxell's background in high performance technology, the ear buds deliver premium sound from every music source. The M&M'S® Stereo Ear Buds include two sizes of soft silicone ear tips, ensuring that your ears will not only be fashionable but comfortable as well. The straight 3.5mm plug and matching colored soft touch cord gives you the freedom to dance and move freely. The M&M'S® Stereo Ear Buds bring fun, excitement and freshness to the ever expanding ear bud world.


Star Wars Galactic Heroes 3-Pack Stocking Stuffers Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, & Boba Fett

I have a house full of Star Wars fans so this is great!


More to come ....

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