Embracing a Healthy Family: Great American Classic: Necco Wafers Review

Great American Classic: Necco Wafers Review

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Iconic Necco wafers go all-natural - Released today
Remember Necco Wafers when you were a kid?  With Halloween coming, the surge in all sorts of candy comes to mind but it makes me also think of these multi-colored, fat free wafers that come in eight flavors:
  1. Orange
  2. Lime
  3. Lemon
  4. Clove
  5. Chocolate
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Licorice
  8. Wintergreen

What I didn't know is that in 1847, a young immigrant from England invented the first American candy machine and went on to become one of the pioneer members of the Necco family.

Another interesting fact I didn't know is the U.S. Government provided them to the troops during WWII since they don't melt and are virtually indestructible in shipping.

Four billion of these wafers are produced annually which equates to wrapping around the world twice if laid out next to each other, side by side.

Have some free time or kids?

Check out the fun things they have:

The best thing about Necco Wafers is they are available ANYTIME!

We just received our package ... yeah!!!

Unfortunately, my six year old didn't like them but the two year old smiled and proclaimed "yum yum!" as she ate her first ever chocolate Necco!  They are a hit with her and they are natural which is a bonus.

I haven't had Necco Wafers since I was a kid so it's nice to see a renewed interest in this timely classic.  Thanks to Danielle and TwitterMoms for this opportunity!

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