Embracing a Healthy Family: Clever Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Clever Pumpkin Carving Ideas

These are so neat looking!  I had to share and will try out one or two and post pictures.  If you have any cool ideas or pictures you have taken, please share!

  1. Use a grey pumpkin for the rat. Cut a circle from the bottom of the pumpkin.
  2. Transfer two ear patterns to the circle.
  3. Transfer the eyes and mouth patterns onto the pumpkin.
  4. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  5. Use a gouge to carve a thin mouth, carving just deep enough to reveal the inner rind.
  6. Use half a gourd for the nose and attach it using wood skewers.
  7. Push pieces of floral cloth wire into the nose for whiskers.
  8. Add a chef's hat, a wire whisk, and checkered dish towel to complete the design.

  1. Transfer the patterns onto pumpkins. Editor's Tip: Use a gray pumpkin to make an alien.
  2. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  3. Use a gouge to cut into the teeth, cutting just deep enough to make them "pearly-whites."
  4. Drill large holes into the pumpkins to receive the gourd antennae (for the left and center pumpkins) and the gourd nose (for the far-right pumpkin).
  5. Paint the outside of clear plastic ornaments in bright colors for eyeballs.
  6. Cut large white circles and smaller black circles from crafts foam for eyes.
  7. Glue the circles together and add red veins using a felt-tip marking pen.
  8. Hot-glue the eyes onto the painted eyeballs. Except for the one-eyed alien, hot-glue the assembled eyes in place.
  9. For the one-eyed alien, cut a circle in the front of the pumpkin and slip an eyeball in place.
  10. If desired, cut a tongue from pink crafts foam and slip it into a mouth.
I found these and many more at Better Homes and Garden 100 Days  of Holidays.

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