Embracing a Healthy Family: Day Four on The Virtual Challenge to Get in Shape with The Biggest Loser Wii Game

Day Four on The Virtual Challenge to Get in Shape with The Biggest Loser Wii Game

I'm on day four of my virtual challenge with five other of my readers.  I haven't weighed in this morning which I will do as I think it's the key to my weight loss efforts to keep me accountable.  My goal is to get in shape BEFORE the new year versus waiting to get there and justify pigging out on the great holiday food.  In the long run, it's yummy and feels good for the tiny moment of eating it but it quickly turns into regret and disappointment as you take one more bite of that pumpkin pie, chocolate cake or homemade yeast rolls. 

I just purchased The Biggest Loser for wii and tried it out this morning.  I love it but then I'm a huge fan of the show and both Jillian and Bob. For my personality, I need Jillian to yell and abuse me into compliance.  Bob, he would be too much of a distraction in working out and that's all I'll say.  The game allows me to work out with either one of my older daughters and the six year old loves to beat me.  Actually, come to think of it, the 21 year old makes it a goal to always beat me at everything!  After only six minutes, I was already sweating and loving the game.  I think I really like this type of working out because it allows you to break up the segments which is never dull or routine.

There are many other features to the game such as tracking your goals, your weight loss and time spent working out.

The con about the game is you only have eight characters to choose from and those eight are from the first shows which I did not watch so I cannot connect to them.  I prefer being able to customize them to my own preference but I can live with it.

Stay tuned for more information on the Virtual Weight Loss challenge, progress and more game information.

Want to join, have some tips, know of a better game?  Leave a comment!

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