Embracing a Healthy Family: What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

My daughter works at a grocery store as a cashier so she's in front of hundreds of people a day.  Last Saturday, she had a high fever and was vomiting.  I called in on her behalf as she was too ill to talk.  We suspect possibly H1N1 but not for certain.  The manager insisted on speaking to her and insisted on her coming in regardless of a fever or vomiting.  He said he would send her home if too unbearable.  Having two children at risk for complications, I was appalled that this manager put aside the health of not only his employee but also the general public.

Would you be outraged if the store you frequented insisted that potentially H1N1 infected employees show up?  I'm just curious if I'm way off base even though the real news coming out is H1N1 is not nearly as bad as the media is hyping it up to be.

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Unknown said...

II would have my daughter vomit into a bag, wrap it up in a gift box and give it to the manager as a good bye gift because she surely wouldn't be working there anymore!

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