Embracing a Healthy Family: My Beloved Colts & Peyton Manning WON!

My Beloved Colts & Peyton Manning WON!

The best QB EVER!  Maybe Tom Brady is but my loyalty has to be with Indiana since I'm a Hoosier.  Last night's game was amazing and a nail biter.  Just as you thought the Colts would lose to the Pats, as they usually do, the Pats did two incredibly stupid moves that cost them the game but I'm not complaining!

My oldest is a Pat's fan (i.e. Tom Brady) so she even came home to watch the game given the magnitude of this game.  They usually play only once during regular season and the Colts usually lose but not all the time. Peyton had his game!

If the Super Bowl is just, it will be The Colts V. The Pats!

My husband is a Cowboys fan ..... BIG mistake!

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